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How To Self-Publish A Book?

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How To Self-Publish A Book?

A lot of people dream of writing a book. A few years ago, I would say that this was almost impossible. There were a lot of difficulties, you had to get a publishing company, they had to accept you, you had to have an audience for you to sell, etc. Too many things to think and to take care for just one person.

Nowadays, things are much easier. There is a new modality called “self-publishing”, in which you can publish your book without needing a publishing company to get everything done for you.

However, this raises a lot of questions. “How can I self-publish a book?”, “Where do I start looking for things?”, “What will I need in order to self-publish my book?”.

Well, in this video I’ll take you step-by-step in the process of self-publishing a book, showing that you can do that too.

Watch this video to find out how to publish your own book.

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SkipMBA says:

I'm going through all your videos and finding some gems 🙂 Thank you, again John!

trombone7 says:

I have an idea. When you gesture at one of your overlaid superimposed graphics, gesture with the hand on the opposite side of the graphic.
For instance, in this video, at :54 and 1:15 your left hand simply pointing across your chest to your right, even while holding the phone, would seem a lot more natural and relaxed.
Keep up the vids.

EqualiteGem says:

I'm writing my first book right now that's fiction and want to keep it short. I have written twenty-five pages so far, but the abundance of distractions like my minimum wage job, and being a perfectionist keeps slowing me down.But I promised myself I will get it done, but I just don't know when at this rate.

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