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How to Self Publish a Book

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Everything you need to know about how to self-publish a book.


Garret1912 says:

After hearing this I am self-publishing my Science Fiction Novel. I am so tired of being rejected, by some snobby agent or publishers in New York or Chicago Seattle.

Victor Ramirez says:

After all the videos I have seen thus far this was the most inspirational. You got right to the point. I listened to the entire video and realized we are like minded when giving advice. Which is why I was able to listen. The other videos so far I could not get past 4 minutes of their screeching voices. Good luck in your fielded thank you for the time putting this together.

Shroud Codes. com says:

Where can I buy that visually animated display hanging on your wall behind you that looks like colored signals going up and down?

Hypothetical Scenarios says:

I knew everything you were saying here but I just watched the entire video because I loved your style :))

Silver moonbeams says:

all the woman who read my book loved it…2 woman picked up on spelling and grammar stuff..one actually helped with some of it…so if word doesn't pick it up my editors won't either. amazon would be great if i didn't need to get a US tax number

Luis NgchongJrArt says:

hey aron i like your vid it was great

Mind Body & Soul says:

You're HILARIOUS! Great info Thank you!!!


how much did it cost you start to finish

Shakaama says:

I disagree with "don't have men edit your work". No woman comes close to my editing. I find women inferior in everything, cooking, writing, etc. You do know that people, including women, for the longest time would refuse to read anything a woman wrote. The first published women, had to write under pseudonyms. I've yet to meet a woman that met my standards for English: tense, style, mood, vernacular. I am a polyglot.

MaruAdventurer says:

A little point about kindle/ebook. Most are with some variations cousins of the epub format. Well epub itself is a 'fixed' format of HTML/XML formatting. So if one is familiar with limitations of that schema, one grasps what Clarey is pointing out.

Emmanuel Ray says:

josh so true.

clowntoocreepy says:

Great vid – I like your f**king style!

Authors – check out DizzyEmuPublishing com – they get your book onto Kindle in a few hours for $35, which includes cover art. They did mine and they were awesome.

Becky Miller says:

So, if my mother is an anal retentive English teacher, and will proof my work for chocolate, sould I use her to edit my book?

Nathan Godfrey says:

Some good tips – If you want some more advice you can go to http://www.thekeyboardsamurai.com where you can also submit your own story and get some other advice on general publishing.

Ken Sweeney says:

I'm only half through the video so far, but I just HAD to comment. I love the way you present. It's real, it's straight forward, and it's totally true. I hate posers who want to get your views and likes, and follows by trying to be politically correct and stick to some SEO format, etc. This is refreshing. Not only do I understand you, I can pay attention easily and relate to what you're saying. So, thanks for this video.

imitchellgill says:

Okay…..I did what you suggested and got a female editor.  Yes, she found more mistakes than I imagined.  And yes…..she wanted to change everything!!  And yes….I wanted to say, "Fuck you, I'm the author," but I didn't.  Some of her advice I can use, and other advice was factually wrong.  Thanks for the recommendation!  I can't believe how accurate you were!!  (shaking head, smiling.)

imitchellgill says:

Thanks for your video.  I really appreciate the advice and your honesty.  I just finished my first book (fiction, for pre-teens and teens) and am hiring an editor this week. (She's female…LOL!)  I'm lucky that I actually like my job so it will be a time-sucking endeavor, but hardly life or death.  I have a lot to learn about publishing and this was very helpful.  Thanks again.

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