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How to Self-Publish a Book on CreateSpace

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Self-publishing your first book is an exciting, but sometimes overwhelming, project. Not sure what to expect? Watch this video!

Book Editor: Jodi Brandon, jodibrandoneditorial.com
Publishing Platform: CreateSpace
Designer: Me! jesscreatives.com

Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music


My Not So Mediocre Life says:

Omgosh yes yes and yes!! Help me out girl!! I got my book all figured out I just need the editors, designer, and promoter! It's a series! Soooo I gotta hurry up and get book one out!

Leigh Anne Darilek says:

nice. quick. and simple. I was hoping you'd go into a little more detail!! I wanted to hear a bit more from you and not sure if you're trying to keep the vlog to a specific time? or maybe at the end of your vlog this is where you can pimp your services and say "not sure where to start, let me help you!" I enjoy your videos. you have great info… I hope you're OK with this feedback 🙂

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