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How to Self Publish a Book to Amazon CreateSpace

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http://www.makeaproduct.com Here’s how to get yourself a real, printed, self published book as easily as uploading a Word document to Amazon CreateSpace. They even create the ISBN number and cover for you.

UPDATE: After ordering the proof, here is what it looked like:


The cover is SLIGHTLY grainy because I think I uploaded a less than 300 dpi, I uploaded a better one. And the corner is worn just because I had it in my backpack. But I’m happy and I’ve now published 6 books through CreateSpace.

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LU WANG says:

Hello Robert, Thank you so much for your video, it is very helpful to me. I
have a question, can createspace offer service that publish my book and CD
together? I wrote a book but with CD together. I just want to know if
createspace can cut the CD and stuff in the book and publish all of them

diamondfb says:

Thank you very much for this. Great community service.

Cindy M says:

Thank you for your video. Quick question, is this your book you created or
was it a public domain book?

Julie Musil says:

This was helpful! Thanks

tamalyn scott says:

Is there a reason you chose createspace instead of let’s say, smashwords or
bookbaby? Just wondering… thanks. Btw, loved this vid good stuff :-)

Liz Alderson says:

Excellent help thank you

vinceman says:

so there are NO fees involved in Createspace if you choose not to use their
professional services? Do they force you to BUY a copy (copies) yourself ,
like some services do, before it can be marketed? Thanks, great video.

Sharon Neth says:

This is a fantastic video for newbies like me! Thanks so much!

Somnivers says:

I don’t understand how this works?I know it’s print on demand but do you
have to pay for anything ?How much does it cost to order the proof
sample,let’s say from Europe?Great video btw.

LetsLoveFantage says:

Can you just get a book for yourself published?

Robert Plank says:

Yes, I got a proof and I’ve updated the description of this video with
links to the photos.

Rainy5062002 says:

Omg! Thank you so much for uploading this!!!

alonzo9772 says:

Oh you were able to log in with your Amazon account? They wouldn’t let me
do that…

Reuben Dunn says:

What did the finished copy look like? Did you get a proof?

Kent Krause says:

Thank you for posting this. I watched it twice before publishing my own
book with CreateSpace. It was very helpful knowing what to expect before
going through the process myself.

geneolune says:

You are fearless. Thanks for this.

Self Publishing says:

Great video!

Greg Forma says:

thank you so much for posting this…it is really great…i appreciate it.

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