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How To Self Publish A Book

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If you haven’t had any luck with finding a publishing house to publish your book, and you have spent a lot of time writing a book, self publishing may be an option for you. If you have any questions about self publishing, please ask, I will do my best to help in any way that I can.

My Book – http://www.amazon.com/Jim-James-Agee/dp/1257928651/ref=la_B008CBWXAE_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340208413&sr=1-1

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Sarah Todd says:

thankyou so much, but…how do you make the cover? do you laminate it?

mattoiio says:

Does this really work? I dont want to try it yet

BeachBoy4sh@w says:

Thank you so much

Jo Go says:

If you need an eBook cover check out http://www.fiverr.com/msjag416, you
won’t have to pay more than $10.00.

martin vaughan-watkin says:


TheShadoes4321 says:

Self publishing is not bad. You don’t make much more
in traditional publishing anyway. At least you keep most of your profits. I
published this bad boy on Amazon:

TheFaceofAtheism says:

your voice is excellent. I wish all of my textbooks were recorded in your
voice lol

lolaturface ann says:

I also want to do the same thing u did with your sketches like where I just
get a copy to preserve how would I discontinue it then 

Jim Townsend says:

Thanks this really helped out. I have been looking for a way to publish my
musical scores, and ive never seen lulu.com Very cool

linens lin says:

I tought that publishing a book is difficoult but after visiting http:\
bit.lypublishabook I sow that I can publish an ebook too. I am soo happy,
yesterday I published my first chilredns fairytail yesterday on Amazon, If
I have done it, anyone can.

Haley91Thompson says:

how old are you?

Philisha Cantu says:

Do you have a preference of where to publish your books? I was looking into
lulu.com and amazon, but im uncertain about it. I write alot and draw, so i
can do my own book covers, any ideas or suggestions?

Janlouis Diaz says:

Does createspace publish graphic novels

poorsurvialest says:

how does the pay go for a book

NReluctant says:

Yes, you make royalties off of each book that sells. You do need to promote
it a lot and basically the more you sell the more you make. If you don’t
promote your work though the chances of selling a lot of copies is not good.

Zach Jewell says:

Thanks for the advise man keep up with the good videos

NReluctant says:

Thanks! Thats some great advice 🙂

Savannah Dianne says:

CAn you do a video on how to market your book?

NReluctant says:

You can find editors on Fiverr fairly cheap.

MeeraRaja says:


Alex petruzzi says:

So after you edit your book, can you request how many copies you want sent
to you? So that you could sell them yourself?

DaKingdam says:


Julian Crosby says:

By self-publishing, will you still get the same exposure as regular

NReluctant says:

Nice! I am actually going with CS for my new book I am working on because
it took Lulu like 8 months to get it on Amazon and I just need it done
quicker. One question though, can you design the spine of the book cover?
On lulu it is not an option.

kwells7788 says:

I wanna read your book!!!! What is it about?

NReluctant says:

It’s about this guy named Jim and his life living with the disability of
only having memory from the day in which he lives. I will message you where
you can read it online for free 🙂

NReluctant says:

Just google Create Space and use their website.

NReluctant says:

Not at all, if you publish through Lulu or Createspace then they provide
you with one. They take care of all of that.

NReluctant says:

Yes and no, you can if you promote it a lot, but obviously publishing
companies can get better exposure for books they publish. You would need to
put a lot of effort into it. When self publishing, it’s up to you to
publicize your book.

Alex petruzzi says:

how do you get Create Space?

Jared Diaz says:


NReluctant says:

That sounds awesome, good luck!

NReluctant says:

I really like Penguin and Simon Schuster 🙂

NReluctant says:

somewhere between 5-10, i haven’t marketed or advertised it much.

Joe Farnelli says:

Use iMovie its way better and isn’t usually backwards but it has happened
to me like twice

NReluctant says:

Yes you can. Publishing on there is free, you just have to buy a single
copy once you publish it to make sure it prints correctly and once you
approve it they begin listing it on Amazon for you and everything. If you
order like 10 copies at a time then it’s only like $2-$3 a copy to buy your
own book if you are the author.

NReluctant says:

I am not sure, it is only around 70ish pages, my other book Mask City is

Teresa Cali says:

Thank you so much for the info. I did go the the link & read the first
couple of pages to both of your books- very good :)Teresa

Alex petruzzi says:

but HOW did you design them? Is there a option in the website that allows
you to do that? Like a copy and paste thing?

Teresa Cali says:

So on CreatSpace I can publish any type of book? like a childrens story or
a poetry book? Ive been wanting to publish my books for many years but I
thought it would be super expensive– Teresa

Janlouis Diaz says:


theteenreads says:

How many have you sold?

NReluctant says:

You probably could if you had a .PDF of it.

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