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How To Self-Publish a Children’s Book

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Here are the easy steps I used to self-publish my illustrated book through CreateSpace. I explain how you can self-publish a children’s book and have it for sale on Amazon, as well as what kind of money you can expect to make.

If you want to know more about how to make a children’s book:

You can check-out the books I’ve made here: http://www.jackieschuld.com/#!books/cqvp


Storytime Anytime says:

Jackie I am a children's book channel and am always looking for self published authors to promote ! Send me a message if you are interested in sending me a book that i could feature on my channel (i of course also provide links on where to purchase!)

PJ illustrations says:

Thanks for sharing Jackie.

Maryann Gomez says:

How do you go about copyrighting your whole book.. characters in all ….thank you

Atoms Film says:

Did you do two-page spreads, or individual picture per page? What does the illustrator need to know to do the drawings?

chanel vandermerwe says:

I'm struggling with knowing how to get the pictures in my book .. Please help

Rebekah W says:

if you are having someone illustrate what kind of size paper would they need to write on or type of paper to write on for an 8.5 by 8.5 book? Thanks!

Youth Under the Shade says:

Thank you for making this video. I had a question. I want to print my book 8.25 by 11 but I can only use 8.25 by 8.25 size for CreateSpace. How can I get the industry size of 8.25 by 11 on CreateSpace ?

Fun With The Family c says:

hello, how much do you charge to illustrate pictures of a children's book?

Rebekah W says:

i am paying someone to illustrate my book. how do i know how many pixels to do?

Cathy C says:

Hi Jackie! Thank you for this information.. Did u copyright your book before using create space? Were you able to upload your illustrations easily?

Christoher Huff says:

Jackie, Thanks for the great information. I wanted to ask, when you uploaded your book with the pictures, did it need to be the exact size of the book pages or does Createspace resize the .doc pages to fit? If so, what program do you use to edit your illustrations if i may ask. Thanks again…..

Dr. Soseh Esmaeili says:

Hi Jackie. I am just wondering do I need to get the book's copyright wtih something like legalzoom and then use createspace to publish or does using something like createspace to publish automatically gets it into a copyright? Thanks!

david mendoza says:

it was a great video. I am wondering how many words and pages does that book have? I have a poetic type of book that has 16/17pgs but has 1800 or so words, but I don't have pictures put in yet.

Extra Kurrikulah says:

thanks jacki for the informative video. can you confirm whether Amazon acquires an ISBN number for you for every book format you publish? Thanks

Helena Maria says:

Hi Thanks for the video! I don't want my book to be a e-book It is the 2nd one and I want a REAL hard back! Also, I have no web site. Do I need one?

Hoe about character copyright?

Queenie says:

Hi, how is the color printing quality of createspace? I only worked black & white books for now. I might consider making a colored book later.

David Arionus says:

Hi jackie! Just curious as to what you would charge for illustration on a 20-30 page Children's picture book (I know, lots of variables)? I can draw pretty good, but have never been good at seeing a picture in my head and bringing it to paper. So still wondering if I or someone else should illustrate my book. thank you for your video and time ☺

Cassity ART says:

Hello Jackie: Was at Create Space and was looking for a landscape format but couldn't find one. Is a landscape format available as a template? What about bleeds -color that go's to the edge of the page -is that available and more expensive? Wanted to find out what the total cost would be for proofs and customers purchases. Thanks for the great video!

Ashley Sarabia says:

Hi Jackie! Your book is truly special. I've been racking my brain trying to research the best way to create my children's book. I've created the illustrations in color pencil/watercolor on watercolor paper, but am stuck now on how to take those illustrations from paper to book ready form. I can scan the images into the computer but it comes up as jpeg or pdf form. Not sure how to edit the sizing from there and clean up the images without an expensive illustration program… Any advice would be appreciated.

Columbus Cody says:

How could I get you to help me illustrate my children's book?

jolee86 says:

Thanks so much for making this!! This was very informational!! I hope to see more videos soon!

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