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How To Self Publish A Children’s Picture Book

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This is how to self publish on the cheap! It’s not that hard even I could do it!!!


Ooooops forgot to tell you I got a CIP for my book. That’s the cataloguing information that appears at the front of your book. You can apply for this at http://www.nla.gov.au/services/CIP.html.

My shared self publishing experience…how I did it!

Create Space


Light up your brain

Cute PDF Writer

Bowker Link (for ISBN)


Perry Anderson says:

What would happen if animals in a zoo had a party?

My name is Perry Anderson and this is my self-published children’s picture book, “Mr. Green & Mr. Blue’s Party At The Zoo.” I’m a retired teacher and current pastor in the United Methodist Church. I’ve always had a passion for helping young children learn and for sharing the joy of reading. The love for reading is such an important aspect to instill in a child’s life.

The second book is in the works and focuses on farm animals. I hope to continue with wildlife animals, sea animals then complete the series with animals native to my home state of Louisiana.

My first book is available on amazon.com.

Marilyn Lebovitz says:

why is there music in the background? It's very disorienting.

The One says:

I'm looking for a publishing company for my Children's books.
GO VOTE !!!!

Nade's HQ Tonner says:

Very helpful and great to finally find an Australian self publishing video. How did you go about your Illustrations? I'm finding that the hardest part of making my children's book come to life.

Generation X says:

cool video very helpful, I have a comic book I want to upload but am finding it a daunting prospect, I like the look of your book, nice drawings

Vukašin Erceg says:

Are you an orthodox? Because of the pictures in the background.

Kudzai Pasirayi says:

Very Inspired. I look forward to publishing mine soon end of this May with Createspace.

Erika Garnett says:

By far, this video has been the most informative on the subject. Thanks for posting!!

Chris Silvestre says:

Terrific Video. Really pushed me to createspace. Cheers!

Christina Francine says:

Thank you for providing an overview of the steps. Do you know anything about Ingram Spark? Some people claim this is better than CreateSpace. What is your opinion?

Jim Fleckenstein says:

Thanks for taking the time to put this video together and sharing your real life experiences!

Art&Vlog says:

this was very interesting, thanks for sharing the info 🙂

Elaine Sarantakos says:

Nice video and ikons!!

Ma Professor says:

CreateSpace will not publish any books in hard cover.  I also don't think they publish children's picture books anymore.  I would ask first. Lulu does both.

Dan Chen says:

Does CreateSpace put in the publisher information for you or did you make that page yourself? (The second page)

Brad W. Simpson says:

Thank you for posting the formatting information.  How large were your original illustrations?  Did you lose any quality during the publishing process?

Page Nelson says:

Nice video! Also, the Lord knows your shirt is inside out..

jojo Vernon says:

Hi there, great clip – really useful info and your book looks great!.  I was just wondering how you go about tax requirements? I think I caught that you're from Australia? I'm from NZ, so is it just a matter of posting one of those international forms Createspace has available? Thanks.

oldnewsclipster says:

Really nice – I'm very encouraged. ["time-poor" – Brilliant} Thanks!

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