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How To Self Publish a Kindle E-book on Amazon’s KDP Select — Join the Self-Publishing Revolution

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http://robcubbon.com How To Self Publish a Kindle E-book on Amazon’s KDP Select
If you want to buy the book that’s uploaded in this video, that would be cool: http://www.amazon.com/Freelancer-Entrepreneur-changing-created-business-ebook/dp/B00J7BK4MC/

Get an e-book on Kindle store — there are several things to do that however it is quite easy!

You should put a lot of thought into your title, subtitle, the two categories it’s going to go in, 7 keywords, the description of the book (the blurb) and the cover.

In order to enrol in KDP Select, the e-book you’re uploading does not exist anywhere else. If you enrol in KDP Select you can offer the book for free during five days every 90 days which is a great marketing ploy, and you can also sell the book at a discount for a limited time which is also a great thing to do

I wouldn’t advise you to upload a Microsoft Word doc although that is exactly what I do here It’s better to create a Mobi file with either Adobe InDesign with the kindle plug-in or Scrivener — these will produce a cleaner HTML file than you will get through the Word doc.

How to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle eBook http://michaelhyatt.com/kindle-publishing-success.html

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Rob Cubbon says:

I just published another #Kindle. Here’s a video to show you how
ridiculously easy #self-publishing is. Here I upload a #Word doc although
this isn’t the best way to create a Kindle.

But theres a lot of good info about categories, keywords, the cover, etc.
Kindle #seo #ebook #ebooks #publishing 

Matthew Ogborne says:

Howdy Rob,

Really enjoyed the video tutorial. Super straight forwards, well done!

Daft question, images.
Is there a caveat over costs for including images in kindle books, for the
cost of download?


PatricK Hillegas says:

The Brits always make nice concise opportunities from the ashes…as
opposed to the Americans who like to drop a bucket of bolts on the floor
and explain why one parts screws onto the other all the while the bus has
left -which I am both— Seems to me that British people have a innate
capacity for educating others thanks

Lucian Mihailescu says:

How To Self Publish a Kindle E-book on Amazon’s KDP Select

by +Rob Cubbon

#selfpublish #kindle #ebook #amazon #kdp 

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