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How to Self-Publish Your Book on Amazon Platforms

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This might be a little inside baseball for the casual viewer, but if you are interested in seeing the process of self-publishing your book on Amazon’s platforms for ebooks, print books, and audiobooks, check out this video. I go into my actual accounts to show you exactly what the platforms look like. The process is surprisingly easy! You also see my sales numbers, so please be respectful.

These are the sites that I use:

Kindle eBooks: http://kdp.amazon.com
Amazon print books: http://createspace.com
Audible audiobooks: http://acx.com

If you want to check out my books, head over to http://hardcoreselfhelp.com


Slow Busy ASMR says:

Thanks for this video! I have watched it twice now. I wish there were more hours in the day so I could work on all the projects that I'd like to work on and now I know that publishing a book is not impossible it is a project that is moving up my list of things to do. Thanks for the inside look!

Ryan Falls says:

This is really amazing, I appreciate you letting us in pretty deep as far as privacy goes on this.. I really like the idea of self publishing. I've always wanted to write a book, but fear of never being published kept me from doing it.

DutchMountains ASMR says:

This is really interesting 🙂 Since I was about 12, 13 I've been thinking about writing my own book ( a novel, most likely) but it didn't happen yet. It is something that keeps chasing me, and this video definetely kicked me in the right way. It's good to know that it's so relatively easy to publish your own book. It got me thinking, and that always good 🙂 I hope I'll have the guts (and inspiration) somewhere.

Tassie127 says:

im kinda still doubting to cancel subscription or not. i subscribed years ago for his awesome ASMR vids. Especially the rythmic tapping. the 3 hours ASMR odysee has been my fave. But lately there is NO asmr content. just the psychology stuff that im not interested in. sooooo unsubscribe or not… thats the question… is there any chance of asmr vids in the future or should i just give up hope?

HollowCouplet says:

Thanks so much for uploading this. I have been writing for a while and it's great to know that I can publish my work on my own.

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