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How To Self Publish Your Book on Amazon

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Published author Gary Fong demonstrates how to self-publish on Amazon, and the differences between having a book deal vs. self publishing.

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Maj Smithy4eva says:

Thank you so much for making this video. Very clear and straight to the point information

jinhi9005 says:

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k grace says:

Thank you for this information. My granddaughter & I just wrote a children's book & a publishing company called & said for $700.00, they could have my book in book stores, reader, etc. They said that it would be ready for the Christmas holiday.

شاهکار Shahkar says:


I put a book which is in A4 paper size (printer paper, full colour, 200 pages) I am not sure if I choose correct channel, somehow the price went up to over $25. And the Loyalty given to is $0.33.

There are two problems here:

1- The price is high, which reduces the sale.
2- The Loyalty is less than half a dollar.

There is something wrong I don't know what.

If you know something please write back.


Suzanne Wright says:

Gary – thank you so much for the insight! I have been working on my first novel for three years now and am close enough to completion to begin contemplating the self publishing process. Your information was extremely helpful.

Tedd Rankin says:

Fong, thank you for your generosity! Shortening the learning curve dramatically. In the quantum world we call this quantum entanglement. Thank you for the rich deposit.

Jorge Villanueva says:

Thank you for the tips Gary. I wrote a play four years ago and it went pretty well here in Mexico. Now I finished writing my first book and it has been a terrible experience trying to get it published. I thought it was just a Mexican thing, but now I know it is the same everywhere. Once again….gracias!

Sherry Messer says:

Oh and I have already designed my on cover for book one….is this OK.

Sherry Messer says:

How much was the editor you hired?

Norman M says:

Awesome, didn't know about the templates. Checking that out now.

Kathy Meza says:

Richard Meza– Long winded speech, not what I was looking for

MrAdirene60 says:


Frank Crawford says:

Very well done! Outstanding tips. In the Navy outstanding is as good as it gets. CreatSpace/Amazon quoted me $5,800.00…$4,800.00 was for three editors to make it readable by a mass audience. Frank Crawford

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