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How to Self-Publish Your Book with a Small Budget

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Kindle Publishing Platform: https://kdp.amazon.com/

Createspace is what I use for paperback. I have used them all, and createspace is my absolute favorite: https://www.createspace.com/

I use grammarly to edit: http://gram.ly/xXDx

Oh and here are my books if you are new here: https://www.amazon.com/William-Errol-Prowse-IV/e/B00QUC5D7W


Patrick Harper says:

That's value… Thanks!

essennagerry says:

I also use Grammarly! I don't write books and I don't pay monthly for it, but I have it as an extention (?) on my computer and I'm very happy with it. If I ever do need a serious edit in English I'd pay for it. Especially now since I hear you're satisfied!

Connor Joyce says:

Very informative once again Will! Thank you for your knowledge!

Zekester says:

Jealous!! I want to be off the grid now!!

Squirrel Attackspidy says:

I think you and I have different definitions of small budget. Correct me if I misquote you. You pay $500-$800 for an editor per book. You need money to start. Don't recommend Microsoft Word. It costs money. For a free word processor use Open Office. Other costs. Someone had to make you a decent cover. A Fiverr cover isn't going to inspire confidence in your audience. Then you need to pay for someone to write you a decent blurb. Maybe $25-50 for that. Then marketing your book. Check out the costs for Facebook advertising. How about a Bookbub ad?

One thing I agree with you is that you need more than one book to make money. You're probably looking over $1,000 per book if you're outsourcing all the work. And you'll need about 20 books. You'll need to continue releasing books regularly and build your mailing list. More advertising and expenses.

So while I appreciate you putting up and giving your opinion, I would have to respectfully disagree with you that you can do this on a small budget. If someone is going to be spending 20k plus on books they might want to consider taking that money and getting a loan to invest in an established franchise (a doughnut Franchise is a good investment) Or consider setting up a drop ship business on Ebay and Amazon.

What are you selling on Amazon where you are selling 10k a month? Books or tangible products?

Edit – just saw at the end of your video you're using Grammerly instead of paying for a human editor. How are you finding your reviews since the change? Are you writing fiction or non-fiction? I think with fiction people are going to be much more critical of grammatical errors than with non-fiction. Thanks!

Van Dwellers United says:

kBookPromotions is a fucking AMAZING tool for Kindle marketing guys. If you haven't heard of it, check it out here: https://goo.gl/vAOsXG

Also, disclaimer: I will get a small commission for anyone who purchases through my link. However, I didn't have to disclose this.. Id think you guys would want to show thanks to me for showing ya'll such a good marketing suite 🙂


Figaro5553 says:

And don't put exclamation marks in your book titles if you expect anyone to take you seriously

Hotel Honda says:

I'm just now starting a YouTube channel could you give me any advice on that

George McVlog says:

I'm not interesting in writing books, but I am sure there are a ton of people that will find this info very helpful. Good, informative vlog.

Racheal Parker says:

So aside from previous comments, I enjoy your video's, you are very informing and I believe you to be well self educated, which a lot of people are too lazy to have that kinda of self control. I enjoy your opinions including the ones I don't agree. Keep make videos!

btiller44 says:

Dude, you can't incentivize amazon reviews. So you can give them away and ask someone if they would give you a review, but you can't give it to them in exchange for one. A subtle difference, but you're breaking Amazon TOS with your advice, and reviews will get removed.

Blue Box on Wheels says:

Have you ever considered recording your own audio book?

Nikki Gosch says:

Omg Will! You're the bomb! Excellent advice. I'm especially appreciative of the Grammarly tip. Your endorsement of it is encouraging too. Thank you!!! <3

RV Home says:

Can you offer a book on amazerds that's short, say 10-20 pages? Like a how to do something manual or a how ya doin how ya doin sorta deal? To what extent does amazon "approve" or deny said submissions? Have you ever used Adobe InDesign? It is supposed to be for desktop publishing. I have Adobe Creative Cloud, but I haven't installed InDesign yet, as I mainly just use Photoshop for my tshirts & Premier for my youtube movies.

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