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How to Self-Publish Your Ebook | Brian Tracy

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I once self-published an entire ebook in less than 24 hours. I noticed that self-publishing was a developing trend in writing and I decided that I should learn how to publish an ebook myself. Here’s what I learned. http://bit.ly/2fR8Su0

Plan your next book in 6 quick and easy steps. Click the link above to get started now.

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Brian Tracy says:

Do you have a burning desire to write a book? What idea do you have that can change lives? Please let me know! Also, check out my 6-step book planner FREE download http://bit.ly/2fR8Su0

Benito Strange says:

Oui I seek to publish a book I have nearly completed by the end of this year it shall be done, but I ask your advice on how I should proceed with publishing either online or via a publisher your thoughts would be most appreciated.

Αλέξης Λεβεντόπουλος says:

Thanks a lot for the information Brian, it was very helpful!

How exactly can you sell a ebook by yourself?

I don't know how to set up a website so you can charge a credit card or PayPal and send the ebook automatically.

Your input would be very helpful.

Fazalur Rahman says:

Congrates Mr.Brian Simple steps to be an apt author, I will become and contribute

Diane Hall-Harvey says:

Mr. Tracy…Thanks for these tips! I would LOVE to write an ebook about how not to be taken unfair advantage of by Upline in the Direct Sales industry. I've got personal stories to tell and want to include my experiences in the document. No individual or company names will be mentioned of course! 😀

Pavan chopra says:

Thanks Mr Tracy for valuable tips to write an E book and start an exciting journey. I am too excited. I want to write a book on paper packaging which is sustainable , and innovative which will help to recycle products thus help in mitigating problems like waste generation, Co2 emmission and climate change which shall definitely going to impact human life in next 20 yrs.

Kenewang Tsôsane says:

Thank you Mr Brian Tracy. I am definately going to use this advice when I start writting books on personal development.

Scott nobody says:

How to write an interesting topic

Catherine Muyeba says:

Perfect timing, thank you.

Edith hall says:

Hello Brian , I have burning desire to get my message out of my mind and out to the publish.

Istifanus Gurumtet says:

You have just inspired me sir. Am grateful.

Rainier Philip Reyes says:

I'm interested to write a book

Sunil Chacko says:

Great content Brian!

Anoop Billangwal says:

Brian is again at his usual brilliance of guiding his audience. Big thank you.

Prince David says:

Thank you very much Mr Brian, your message was very helpful. I've written four amazing books but yet to publish any. Hope to do so soon. Prince David from Lagos, Nigeria. http://www.facebook.com/princedavidspeaks

Chantale Lachance says:

Hello Brian, I am writing a step by step ebook / guide for parents with children under 13. It is a guide that brings parents to a higher level of awareness regarding their present parenting situation and then offer them a chance to visualize an ideal family situation. I go on to explains some basic parenting concepts and child development stuff and then I offer specific action steps that allows parents to raise confident and well adjusted children.

Nooromry Am says:

Thank you Brain it's great tips, I would love to write my book, but you know my English language is not that perfect to do it🤔 My mother language is arabic .. but I will try to make draft and then will decide to publish it. Wish me good luck 🌷💕

Opa says:

Thank you, this was a great takeaway 🙂

Justin Ward says:

Good stuff as always Brian! My first intro to you was some old tapes my step father let me borrow back in 2006… was making 45K a year then, now at the 115K mark. This stuff works, if you are willing to work at it. Can't thank you enough for doing what you do Brian! Let me know if you are ever going to be in Dallas Texas… I owe you a dinner!

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