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How To Self-Publish Your eBook on Amazon Kindle in 4 Minutes (Make Money Selling eBooks on Kindle)

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This video is a great overview of how to self publish an eBook from a Microsoft Word document directly to Amazon. Once it’s published, you earn 70% royalties on every sale.

Join the movement of independent authors who are publishing their eBooks on Amazon and earning money every month. This book shows you how to get your eBook published for Amazon Kindle, and all the tricks and tips to maximize your sales!

If you’re ready to launch your ePublishing career, please check out my book to learn all the tips and tricks to launching your next bestseller!

~Michael Thomas

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40thegardener2 says:

You should be in politics, plenty of talk about nothing. No instruction of
getting the book ready then converting from word into the correct format,
then when done checking on previewer etc etc. I hope your own books are
better presented. I will say if you are making that much money for this
congratulations you hit on a good thing

Investor Inv says:

Question: can I use a different name for book publishing. don’t want to use
my own name

Kinitty Blackwell says:

thank u so much but does your age matter?

Adam Horton says:

The instructions say to save it as an html before uploading it. You mean
you can just upload the word file? You called it a .dse file, what the heck
is that?

TheKeithvidz says:

I’m in trinidad, west indies. As a writer i may skip the agent process and
just my put my fiction story on Amazon or other site. Of Kindle any way for
a non american to receive the income?

Michelle Castro says:

do you pay to publish on amazon? can you publish on amazion fo paperbag? if
so how much does it cost?

E-books franlaranja says:

its shit you need to pay to publish. the other option is soo bad you
shouldnt bother.
the only people that make money, already have it

Lee Anderson says:

I no people who have 20 + book and the make nothing I mean after the time
to print
anybody can publish but not anybody can sell

Hossen Belal says:

That’s not the most successful system. It’s going to take a lot of time to
earn money that way. I used to do it. Today I work only 5 hours a week and
make no less than $6000 per week. Research Wealthy Income ATM and he can
show you exactly how! 

Collene Kennedy says:

Great tutorial. Could one publish a wee book with illustrations with
captions as long as they follow the proper formatting?

linda silver says:

Does US copyright have to be done first before uploading to Amazon?? Also,
is it possible to also publish to Amazon Kindle and sell hard copies also?
How would that work? Thanks very much for your video.

The Joke Guy says:

i have an ebook amazon that is outdated, how do i remove it??

ferkinskin says:

Thanks for the video by the way..it was a help!

BJ Patterson says:

Nice video Micheal! This got me in the right place to simply publish my
Ebook quickly. That’s all I needed to know and obviously the gardener
didn’t understand your intent. If your interested, my Ebook will be on
shortly and titled, “Why God wants you rich, and the Government want you
poor.” Thanks!

wasanthika perera says:

That looks like a tedious way to earn money online though do you not think
lol? Effortless Money Builder is different, and its easy. Google the term
Effortless Money Builder to see for yourself…

dewin5ify says:

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Secrets is the method that made me a lot of money. Today I made $2255.33.
Anyone can, just look on Google for the phrase Sweet Profit Secrets.

animationamy says:

It is free and easy to upload your book to Amazon Kindle – I published my
first novel, Evanbridge: Awakening, in May. It can take up to 12 hours for
your work to be reviewed before being made available online, and it must be
exclusive to Amazon Kindle for the first 90 days. It is also possible to
edit the content, description, artwork and cost of your book at any time 

eldrazimagic says:

To add to this, to have the 70% royalties, sales must meet certain
requirements (sales only from certain zones/countries).

Lee Anderson says:

one stop shop

Nayan Kumar says:

Has anyone seen the Weekly Cash Crawl course? Google the phrase Weekly Cash
Crawl to discover how my dad earn $5,000 a week.

Rob L says:

how do you format your ebook correctly?

Andre Redmond says:

I have a children’s book in Amazon. I’m trying to make an e-book in Amazon
kindle, but the pdf file I’m uploading looks crazy when I preview the book.
The pictures and words and jumbled. What can I do.

Larry Prior says:

self publishing can you make money ok but there is a lot of work in it to
do it right,,i created a book in 2001 with good success but with the likes
of kindle around now today it is so much easier! 

catherine weiss says:

found it lol

Ian sane armstrong says:

good overview. thx

catherine weiss says:

what do i click to find this part on Amazon i am signed in cant find this
publishing bit

Charles Clarke says:
artistpaul55 says:

You should be in politics, plenty of talk about nothing. No instruction of
getting the book ready then converting from word into the correct format,
then when done checking on previewer etc etc. I hope your own books are
better presented. I will say if you are making that much money for this
congratulations you hit on a good thing

Mohith Mohan says:

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anyone can. Check out Clouded Cash Cow on Google (GOOGLE IT). I’ve has been
making $875 every 5 days with Clouded Cash Cow. All you need to do is
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This isn’t the most powerful way. I used to make money online that way,
however its effort. I now work 4 hours per week and earn $6k each and every
week. How? Look up the words Simps Profit Secrets. It will explain
precisely how.

Jaco GF says:

can you change details such as price, cover, description, etc, later on? or
the ones that you start with are the ones you stay with?

SuperStandAlone says:

What if you don’t have a cover? And how do you make one?

Cydanni Steele says:

Hello Michael, do I have to have a Kindle first in order to publish my
Ebook on Amazon Kindle?

tigerfingermobile says:

great video.

Zeno Izen says:

good vid. answered a lot of questions I’ve been wondering about. oh, and I
bought your book because I saw it was only 0.99 these kindle books are
getting to be like popcorn.

sagorjsr says:

That’s a easy way of earning money from home… but Fast Finance Hub is
simpler. I make over $6k a week using it and anyone can too. So take a
look. Search Google for Fast Finance Hub and find out how.

joshua flores says:

did you have an writing experience before you wrote these books?


My book has seven chapters written in word, but there are seven attachment
files to download which is not working, how do I do this or does the book
have to be fully together to download to kindle in one file? Also when I
hit save and publish only my cover and last page of the book shows, and
it’s sideways. My book is now in Amazon limbo under draft status. I cannot
see my other files.Thank you for your help your video was very helpful.

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