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how to self-publish your own book!

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ever wondered how to self publish a book? here is the answer!! short and sweet!!!!


PO paria says:

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Sergio Rojas says:

I really enjoyed your advise. Now how you promote your book before you publish it?

Caitlyn Carstens says:

What website should I go on to get the book printed

Featureman says:

Thanks. Good info.

Caleb Hoxworth says:

Good character and yeah, it should be easy. That's art! Why let businesses control it?

Nicole Skye says:

a good program to use in terms of ebooks + marketing is Pronoun! it basically does the lay out part of things for you so thats what im using rn

KYS Killing myself says:

I frickin love you haha

Borleazy says:

Haha i loved this you're so funny! And positive! Love it!

Honey Blogs says:

SNCKPCK – i was just wondering how much is it. and is it international. because i am in australia.

Logz 0 says:

What's a PDF

RubyPetals says:

he is such a nerd i love it!

Kateřina Černoušková says:

Haha I think I fell in love with you xD I have just roughly finished my own book and I'm so glad that there's someone out there who also chose self-publishment. Thanx for the pre-order idea, although I'm afraid that I don't have many fans to make any difference 😀 You're lucky to write directly in English, but my mother language is Czech and then it's so so much harder to find readers, but I'm okay with that 🙂 So thanx bro and good luck in publishing more books! 🙂 I think I'll also take a look at what you've published so far. 🙂

Silver Trumpet says:

SNCK, There's a book me and my friend are workin on its very popular among my classmates. And since im 12 its kinda hard to publish books.
Btw does 48 hour books work in the Philippines??

PineappleMango Berry says:

In heard frickin a million times, but you helped so much how can I ever repay you? Officially a fan 🙂

marin bakovic says:

hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about get your book published try Skyarza Simple Kindle Star (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.

Of Course. says:

lol pet a tree #dead

Of Course. says:

thx btw i love how nerddy you are omg you are so flippin funny

Randi Hudson says:

i adore you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sjgloer33 says:

you are sooooo helpful!!!!!!!!
I've always wanted to write a book..
NOW I KNOW HOW!!1 YEAY! Thanks again!

Nabila Iqbal says:

Hi I like your video, particularly  your advice in the second half for making money with kindle eBooks
. Something I also found helpful for making money selling eBooks
  was Skylark Simple Kindle Star – it should be on google if you need.

Metal Harmony says:

snckpck, i am making my first manga book right now called "Beautiful Enough" i planed and wrote the story, i drew my characters and color them carefully. but im really scared if i'm going to mess it up and made a bad story. should i keep on going until i finish it but i think i'm going to finish it like next year i think.

Ervin Forbes says:

Hi Sir
I have a ton of Facebook Quotes  that I'd like to put in Book Form.
How I accomplish this and use 24hrbooks to Print them?

Jeremy Daccarett says:

What do you think about photo books? You think the same process is the way to go?

OGeffects says:

Dude, thanks for the post. It was actually entertaining as well.

Enrique Lotts says:

Hey snackpak how do you design your shirts. And where do you get your tie dye shirts from lol im curious and tryin to start my own clothing. Oh and You frickin amozzzzzzin broski!!!! :p

janice bollier says:

If your 10 years old 

Jonnetta Thomas says:

Can I take a picture with my canon camera for the back of my book? Or can I use a picture I ready have on my computer? If so how do I go about it?

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