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How To Sell Books with 5 Back Cover Tips

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How the back cover of your book can sell your book? Author Julie Broad shares 5 back cover tips that will help sell your non-fiction book on Amazon and elsewhere.

Julie Broad is an author and the founder of Book Launchers, a self-publishing company.

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Video transcript:
Today, I’ve got five surprising back cover tips for you.
The back of your book is actually essential to selling your book.
In fact, it is the sales page for your book.
So, what do you put on it?
What’s most important?
Well, through a combination of research and experience, I’ve got five back cover tips and many of them just might surprise you.
So, number one, is treat it like it’s a sales page
and what does that mean?
That means every single word, every single image is essential to sell or not sell your book.
Because the whole objective of the back cover of your book is singular, sell your book.
In other words, the person who looks at the back cover needs to get so damn excited to read your book that they buy it, on the spot.
So, you need to make sure that every word, every image, every line sells your book.
So, one of the key things, you’ll have two or three really fantastic sentences that are really compelling.
You’ve got those, right?
And you wanna make sure those pop out right away as soon as somebody looks at your back cover.
So, that’s number one.
It is a sales page so treat it like that and carefully curate that copy.
Many traditional publishers actually pay a professional copywriter to craft this copy it’s so important. And, they’ll spend about 250 to $500 just to write the back copy.
That’s on top of design costs.
It’s that important.
Number two, put your picture inside the book not on the back cover.
There’s some cases where you might want your picture
on the back cover.
You’re famous, you’re a celebrity, or as my husband says, “You’re really freakin’ hot”.
In all those cases, it might sell your book.
However, most of us are not celebrities and so our picture really doesn’t do anything to sell our book.
Put it on the inside with an extensive about the author.
You’re gonna create credibility in another way.
Enter point number three.
You need to curate really brilliant testimonials and endorsements.
Now, I shot another YouTube video on this on how to get great book blurbs for your book.
But, here’s the three testimonials that you need to get so that you get credibility, create curiosity for your book, and get that I gotta buy the book feeling in those people that pick up that cover.
First one, you need an endorsement that says why you are the person to write this book.
What makes you unique? What have you done?
What’s a piece of your story that makes it that you are the person that should’ve written this book?
That’s the first testimonial or endorsement you need to get.
Number two, you need one that covers the benefit to the reader in reading this book.
So, somebody who says, I read this book and the tips helped me make $10,000, they helped me lose 50 pounds, they helped run the fastest race I’ve ever run.
Whatever the key benefit of your book is or one of them, you have to have a testimonial or an endorsement that showcases what somebody is gonna get as a result of investing their time
and a tiny bit of money into buying your book.
Number three is a testimonial that creates curiosity. So, this can be from a big name celebrity
or someone that says wow, I was absolutely blown away.
I’ve been in the industry 20 years and didn’t know this one secret that Julie covered in her book.
Something like that from a big name is ideal.
But, just something that creates incredible curiosity will do the trick if you don’t know anybody famous in your industry.
Tip number four.
And, this is something I didn’t do but I think it’s brilliant.
It came up again and again in my research and that is put your website in the bottom left hand spot of your back cover.
Now, why?
Well, first of all, this is brilliant marketing for you because people who don’t buy your book might still go to your website and maybe get your free download.

Tip number five.
Get a logo and a barcode.
Every traditionally published book has a publishing logo as well as that barcode.
And, by not putting it on there, you clearly highlight the fact that this is an amateur product and you wanna look traditionally published, fully professional.
So, spend a few bucks, get a publishing house logo. You know, name your own company.
Remember, the back cover has one job and that is to sell your book.


Gary Scarano says:

What advise do you have to promote a Christian book? http://JesusGospel.com

Firn El says:

This is so timely as I'm working on my cover now! My editor suggested a couple of these tips for my back cover but you also gave me more to think about. Thank you so much. I came across your channel last week and I'm loving your videos. They're so helpful! ~Fina O.

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