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How To Sell More Books As A Self-Published Author – Olli Hille Interview

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In today’s show, I interviewed Oli Hille, International Bestselling author of Creating The Perfect Lifestyle. Oli shares his secrets of self publishing success. Oli earns several thousand a month from his books! Who said you can’t earn a great living as a self published author?

In the interview, Oli shares his strategies for success and shares about some of the challenges he faced as a self-published author and how he overcame them. Oli says having a great product is key – your book must be excellent! That means hiring a professional editor and getting reviews and feedback from lots of people. You must constantly improve your work, your writing and your marketing.

Oli recommends http://killercovers.com for cover design.

Learn more about Oli and his work at http://www.LifestyleBook.com

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Vernal Scott says:

Very useful – thank you! My self-published book (God’s Other Children – A
London Memoir) is non-fiction and has just been long listed for a prize.
Even a couple of leading book stores want to place orders. Despite this, I
find myself learning the hard way about just how to market it effectively,
so I’m hoping to develop my skills. I certainly believe my book is a great
read, but persuading others is the challenge. Anyway, thanks once again –
I’ve subscribed. Best wishes.

Susan Parsley says:

hello, can you help me with the imaging photos to 300dpi? Thank you for
your help.

Cory Pitts says:

Great interview! 

Rob Norton says:

A wonderful interview to share. I just self published my book on conflict
resolution. Watching this provided a great insight from someone who has
been successful in self publishing. Thank you Tom.

MsBones1950 says:

good afternoon I am trying to figure out how to sell book on the internet
so I subbed please sub back 

Sam Mary says:

Thank you for posting your video

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App for Writers and people with a creative mind. The App not only reads out
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nowaydudebook says:

Fab, Tom. You’re really rockin’ these interviews. Keep up the fantastic

Angela Lane Woods says:

Another wonderful interview. 

gene Myers says:

Thanks Tom, by the way my wife, Rebecca Myers wrote a book “My Journey To
Heaven And Back.” Would be interested in doing an interview and or book
review with you. Thanks

Nabia Bautista says:

This was an excellent video, very informative. Thank you.

nevgjazzdog says:

Olli is certainly a character and dedicated himself to being a number 1
best seller. He oozes confidence which some could interpret as big ego but
he has the results to back it up. So Kudos to him.

gene Myers says:

what cover copy did he use. I did not quite understand him

Odessa Rose says:

This was an excellent interview. Thank you for all the information.

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

You’re welcome Gene! I don’t do book reviews. This was just part of a
special series of interviews with best-selling kindle authors as a bonus
for my book The Kindle Publishing Bible so that readers could get even more
great marketing ideas and interact with more than just the words of the

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

Hey Gene, there’s a link in the book description to the cover design site
he recommended in the interview

D A Ballinger says:

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