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How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks – Steve Scott Interview

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In today’s show, I interview Steve Scott, a successful blogger, affiliate marketer and best-selling Kindle Author. Steve and I are both consistently ranked in the Top 50 Business & Investing Kindle Authors on Amazon.com. In this interview, Steve shares his marketing secrets for success as a Kindle ebook author.

In the show, Steve mentions a list of Freebie sites you can use to promote your free KDP Select promotion dates. All of these sites are free to list on:

Post 7 days ahead if possible:

Post 24 Hours in Advance or on the morning of your promotion:


Steve also mentions Pat Flynn’s Facebook Group for Kindle authors: https://www.facebook.com/groups/357112331027292

Steve mentions a lot more great marketing resources, tips and strategies including how to choose a best-selling book title, keyword research, using Author Central to market your books and much, much more!

Learn more about Steve at http://www.ebooksbysteve.com and http://www.stevescottsite.com

Come join The Kindle Publishing Bible group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/587402377941733

My new book The Amazon Analytics Bible is now on sale for just $2.99 on Kindle! You can grab your discounted copy here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B0QX1HW/

Post your comments, questions and success stories below!

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Stan Arnold says:

I have some great reader reviews for my novels on Amazon. I used KDP
Select. As a result, I got one, one-star review (my only one). Just keep
that in mind. Otherwise, good interview.

Benjamin Chapin says:

Awesome Tom! I appreciate all your videos! I created my channel to track
the progress of my journey in being an author. I’ve only been at it since
March and have 3 books out, working on getting more published. Come check
it out!

nowaydudebook says:

Keep up the good work, Tom! Enjoyed the exchange and helpful thoughts. Well

Marketing & Media Monsters says:

Thank you so much for sharing this…was great for a “Kindle Newbie!”

Dan Camarda says:

The video description should be pretty helpful. I will be checking out most
of those links. I recognize you both from Pat’s FB group, but I’m not in it
anymore. The group offered more of a distraction for me than a resource and
I kind of got a bit miffed that I felt like it was being abused as a sales
funnel and neglected by the much bigger names in the group.. I just wanted
to say thanks for the links and I’m glad you guys are looking to move to
the next level by networking.

ourawesomegang says:

Thanks for mentioning our site Awesomegang it is much appreciated. Some
great info here I am going to share this on our site. I would like to add
something about submitting books to free sits like ours. Make sure you fill
in a good description and author bio. The more information that is in the
submission form the better it is. I can tell you first hand the books with
the better description and bio get more downloads. Thanks

Derek Olsen says:

Great! Thanks for taking the time to share this with everyone. -Derek

Juan Luis Fernández says:

Tom, you are also great, but you speak so fast…

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

Yeah, Scott is just an awesome guy. So humble and down to Earth but
frickin’ brilliant!

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

You’re welcome Honea! Glad you enjoyed it

Rainy5062002 says:

The best advice I’ve heard so far!

Robert Tobin says:

Thanks so much,

honea byrne says:

thanks for this vid. i have really had slow sales and will put this to good

Brandon Nolte says:

Excellent video. Both you and Steve seem like such genuine guys. I
appreciate both of you going out and sharing your secrets with everyone…
For those who haven’t seen the trick in Tom’s latest book (Amazon
Analytics), it’s worth it. I recommend you check it out.

Cindy Freland says:

Great ideas, thanks Steve and Tom. I have done some of what he is talking
about. I love the idea of writing shorter, specific business books.

Sarah Ince says:

Great interview!! 🙂

Mike Lee says:

Good interview, Tom. Thanks. Really liked your book The Kindle Publishing
Bible. Excellent work! Look forward to your new book about Kindle analytics.

Tom Corson-Knowles says:

Thanks Mike! Glad you liked the book and the interview 🙂 Let me know if I
can help! You can come join our Facebook group just for Kindle authors to
stay in touch and share marketing ideas too

Reda storoe says:

thank you for giving this review Tom and Steve thanks for agreeing to it. I
appreciate sincerely sharing your info!

sachin mahajan says:

great job

Darren Stock says:

Thanks Tom – very nice Podcast. I’ve read a few of Steve’s books so good
hear his thoughts. It was nice to sense check my current Kindle strategy
and get reassured.

Reda storoe says:

thank you for giving this review Tom and Steve thanks for agreeing to it. I
appreciate you sincerely sharing your info!

BlackMasterJoe89 says:

Both of you, Tom and Steve, are my two idols when it comes to writing for
Kindle. I have about 5 of your books and about 9 of Steve’s.

The Down to Earth Doctor says:

Good stuff! Learned how to get more sales of my eBook Whole Health Healing

MRKLjinjang says:

Hi Tom, Would you know how many copies the Kindle no.1 best seller sold ?

Tobias Toboas says:

Thank you so much. You and Steve are awesome. I really appreciate the
information you are putting out!!!

Terri Hubbard says:

You are an amazing young man! I have gotten so much info from your videos!
Are you going to do any videos on Google key word search?

G F Zaimis says:

Thanks Tom good content! I like to see innovators shaping, promoting and
sustaining digital vision. – G.F. Zaimis is an Architectural Writer,
Photographer and Author of “Monumental Athens Urban”.

G F Zaimis says:

Well shaped content Tom. As an Architectural Writer, Photographer & Concept
Architect, great to see key strategies that can build, sustain and promote
expertise in a digital realm.

R.B. Holloway says:
James Pruitt says:

+steve scott is one of the leading business kindle publishers. learn these
tips to build your own publishing business, and begin self publishing your
own books the right way…

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