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How To Set Up Multiple Pen Names under One Account | Amazon Author Central

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I am so excited to share this simple tip. You see I thought I had to set up each pen name under a different account with Amazon author central. Well today I learned that I can set up multiple pen names under one account! Wahoo!!

So today I show you How To Set Up Multiple Pen Names under One Account | Amazon author Central

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MoogieSRO says:

Very helpful, thank you. But I'm confused about something. Presumably those other pen names existed under separate accounts before you linked them, yes? If so, what did you do about linking a bank account to those other accounts? I read elsewhere that Amazon won't let you link pen names to a bank account that uses your real name.

MCJ Book Publishing says:

FYI you can only add three pen names to one account for easy management. I just contacted amazon author central and they informed me that I have to create another account you add another pen name.

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