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How To Setup an Author Central Page On Amazon

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How To Setup Your Author Central Page On Amazon

This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own Amazon Author Central page to list all your books and connect with you readers.


Inspiring The Masses says:

How do you order our published books wholesale

Hyapatia Lee says:

How do I link my WordPress blog page to my Amazon Author Central page? It ask for an RRS feed. All the instructions I have found on the web do not explain how to find this. I have read that it is in the sidebar or on the footer. I see nothing that resembles such a thing in either area. It says these are template tags. What is a template tag???? None of the directions provide explanations for what I assume is common jargon for people who are younger and more adept at such things than I. Could you be so kind as to help me understand how to do this?

Andrea Samadi says:

Hi Tom! Great video. Can you change your URL once it's been created?

Philipp Klinkner says:

How can I remove a Kindle Book from my Author Central Page?

Kamal Shariff says:

Tom. Yes I did. I have a total of six books. Only one shows up on my Author Central Page and when I attempt to add the other 5 books it says 'Already Added'. On my page, however, it only shows the last and second issues (1 and 6). See link. http://www.amazon.com/-/B01401CN50

Kamal Shariff says:

Hi Tom. I publish comic books through Kindle Direct publishing and have set up an Author Central Page. I have six books but only two are showing up on my page. Also, when I do a search on Amazon books, only one book shows up. Can you advise?

cronicjointpain says:

good video and explanation but It was pretty blurry. so it was kinda hard to see.

crothenb1 says:

1st time author-how do you suggest naming my own url?

Teresa Arrowood says:

How do books get connected to other books in the same genre?

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