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How To Write A Book Bonus Episode: Can I Hire An Agent To Sell My Book?

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Authors will tell you it’s incredibly hard to get an agent to even notice you, but if you want to traditionally publish you’re going to need one. Here’s the lowdown on how literary agents work and how you can attract one to your book.

Tim Knox is a bestselling author, ghostwriter, editor, newspaper and magazine columnist, stand-up/sit-down comedian, observational humorist, demotivational speaker, talk radio host, world famous dog lover and devoted mama’s boy.

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Aurora's Vlog says:

I have written my true to life story about How I Got Away with Abusive Ex".
Now How do I go about publishing ?

adilmasood68 says:

tim help me out with when i publish a book it is published on amazon.co.uk and not in amazon.com. how can i switch accounts? i neither live in UK nor in USA.

J N Morgan says:

Great vid, looks like I've given the first thumbs up, booya! Anyways it sounds more and more like self-publishing is the way for me. Dealing with agents and some big-name publishers sounds rather daunting. I send my manuscript into a publisher that doesn't require an agent so I'll see what they have to say, but I'm not going to throw my manuscript at publisher after publisher. Amazon/CreateSpace/Kindle, that's where I'm going to focus my efforts. Less than 3 days and I'll have my 3rd book on Kindle, and in 3-5 days it'll be on Amazon. So that's pretty flippin' sweet.

Now, what to write for my 4th book. Oh yeah, and about words, 2 days ago I managed about 4000-6000 or so, and then yesterday I probably got around 2000-3000 I think. Not bad, eh? 60-80 WPM typing speed, so as long as the ideas keep coming, I can theoretically write something like 3600-4800 words in an hour, but that's like… 3 cups of coffee on a REALLY good day kind of progress. I'd like to try to manage 10,000 words in one day though, I think I could manage that.

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