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How To Write a Book & Self-Publish!

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I have had so many questions about how I wrote my book and self-published, I thought I would share my journey. Stay tuned for another video where I will share my journey of having my book picked up and published by Morgan James Publishing (www.morganjamespublishing.com | @MorganJamesPub). I have listed the 10 steps below.

Enjoy and best of success!
Mikey Nagle

My NEW book coming out this October: QUIT, Get Rescued From the Job You HATE!
Paperback copy of Rescue Me From My Job: www.amazon.com
My website: www.mikeynagle.com
Rescue Me book website: www.rescuemefrommyjob.com
My awesome publisher: www.morganjamespublishing.com
Connect on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/mikenagle/
Connect on Twitter: @mikey_nagle

My 10 Steps and the resources I used:

1. Create a Title/Topic: Title created 7.21.12
2. Register Your Domain: godaddy.com
3. Design a Book Cover: fiverr.com and elance.com
4. Write, Write, Write: Don’t stop!
5. Hire a Writing Coach: elance.com
6. Hire an Editor: Thomas elance.com
7. Select Self-Publisher: creatspace.com
8. Hire Page Layout/Cover Expert: elance.com
9. Upload PDF’s: Book cover and page layout
10. Order copies!!! $3.17 each: First copy in my hand 9.12.13

Also check out www.author101university.com.


shivani shiva says:

hello sir this is shivani from India…I need your help in writing my first book so can I have your email id ?

KomsKala Kangeman says:

I am interested in writing a book but my English is not that good how can i improve that?

Isaiah Armour says:

I am actually writing my book longhand.

Will kyatamwar says:

i need Writing Coach May Get Your Email Of Your Coach.Or Would You Like To Be My Writing Coach 🙏

The ADS Agency says:

"Rescue Me From My Job" – excellent title! Thanks for the super practical tips on writing and self-publishing and kudos to you for literally following your dreams – we love it! Would love for you to weigh in with your tips on our Facebook LIVE event coming up Jan. 16, 9pm EST. We're chatting with award-winning ghostwriter Dennis Ross. Hope to see you there Mikey!

Sabariah Abdul Mutalib says:

Thank you. This help a lot. How much did you pay for writing coach and for the editor.

Johnny Oz Standridge says:

This is helpful now i know what to do.

Mike Clark says:

thank you thank you thankyou…. i am about to start writing and i am a sponge right now… look forward to watching more vids of yours.

Steve Drake says:

My new books called Scrooge which will be done by x mas 2018

kyle bower says:

What determines the cost of physical copies? More you get, the cheaper? Or can you just get a handful for cheap?

Julie Cali says:

so clear infos~~~ here ^^ love these!!!!!

Brooklyn Brouwers says:

i don't get itbut nice vid

Raymond Cook says:

As a fiction writer, I wish I knew in 2011 what I know now. I have 28 western frontier eBooks on Amazon and my 29th eBook will be there in January, 2018.When people ask me how they too can write a book, I have a different formula.1) take a creative writing college course. You will be amazed at how the others in class will inspire and change your life towards becoming a writer.2) Pick your topic. Mine of course was western frontier. I always pick the title first but the title can be the last thing after you've written your book if you want.3) I use go-daddy and buy the domain name for the website my book will be on.I use a very reasonable priced web tech and he has never let me down.4) Write: Now many of you have limited time to write. So it can be a challenge. Here is how I shape my book, content wise. I take a deck of INDEX cards and I lay them on the table or floor. Every event in my book that is a major part is written on each card. Sometime I will have 30 cards. Now comes the fun part: I write a number on each card and of course #1 begins the book at chapter #1. The last number obviously is the last chapter. When the cards are assembled in ORDER, I start with card #1 and write until I can't think of anything else to write. Then I turn it over and begin #2 and so on. This way the book is in sequence and I feel low stressed.5) I do not use a writing coach so that is not a COST. What I do use is a beta-reader, a person who loves to read and is a stickler for bad grammar. This person will not pat you on the back and praise each chapter you hand them. But they will correct your mistakes and GRAMMAR is critical. 6) I saw the grammarly advertisement on utube many times and downloaded the app. It is a fantastic program to POLISH the grammar that your beta-reader missed or was wrong about and it will catch a ton. I use the free version so again, no COST.7) This is absolutely critical: Read your book to yourself out loud at least 5 times. Hearing each sentence and how it flows will help you polish each paragraph, either taking words out, adding words. I usually end up adding about 5 pages to each book I write. When you have polished your book until you are sure it can't be made better, now it is time to make your PDF of your book.8) You can make your own PDF's of a book using Microsoft Word. Before I make a PDF, I use a pre-made book format I created and use Verdana 14 font, indented 5 spaces for each paragraph and 16 verdana font for the chapter numbers. basically, I scroll down every 12-14 pages, type Chapter 2, and so on all the way to the end.9) Amazon is where all my eBooks on my author website direct people to buy the eBook download. I do not offer printed copies so again, NO COST. Amazon will help walk you through the steps to upload your books.10) If you are relying only on eBooks and not investing in soft-cover or paperback books, relying on just Amazon per se, again you have no out of pocket expense. There are many people out there offering you a battle plan strategy to go from idea to finished book and all are good.I am just sharing what has worked for me 29 times.I am not rich like this fella is nor successful as he is. But I am quite happy with how far I have come since 2011.I wish all writers the very best in 2018.I am happy to offer advice to anyone if I can answer your question. raymond@westernfrontierebooks.com

The awesome stormy stormy gamer says:

Thank you! I am a 10 year old boy from Ireland that wants to write a book about a Pilot and this video is helping me out big time.☺

bruce canton says:

Did you have to order a certain amount of books to get hat price from Amazon?

Abu Abdullah says:

I'm starting a book that stemmed from journal writing I can do the design layouts and illustration myself. That writing coach may come in handy good video keep up the good work 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Robert Grant says:

Good Job Mikey.

Baljot Singh says:

Hey guys my name I bal I need help how this all process going on that's my contact information +16139707409 baljotsingh439@gmail.com

Crazy Crackers MSP says:

My book is called "Science with Dog" about a ten year old girl getting through a rough year old fifth grade and when a science exam arrives she meets a dog named Science. When she plays around with the dog, she realizes Science's intelligence was above a dog's standards and uses Science to help her study. I think you'll love it, it's 356 pages and I hope you like comedy because some of the book is comedy.

Dya Deenoo says:

Great advice he is very eloquent i will surely use it

M Parrott says:

I design fully illustrated book covers for self-publishers https://www.fiverr.com/paintedparrott

Mark Dietrich says:

Your writing coach never told you about Outlines? Do outlines before writing or you'll lose track of what you're doing and where you're heading.

PokemonMaster A says:

I am only 11

PokemonMaster A says:

U inspired me to write a comic book about Pokemon. It is called Pokemon in Magickarp's Tale

GC Health Forever says:

Very nice! Thanks for the tips!

AllDolledUhp says:

Thank You this helped a lot 👍🏽

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