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My updated video – https://youtu.be/G7kDtGiWq9k

Are you in need of encouragement? Letters of encouragement is just the right pick me up for anyone in despair or in need of an encouraging word. Curtis gives hopeful resolutions for fear, anxiety, depression, suicide, divorce, image isssues, hurt, molestation, and the lack of self worth in these seven letters of encouragement.
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Amor Antasia says:

Please WATCH MY UPDATE VIDEO for part 2 !! – https://youtu.be/G7kDtGiWq9k

Philip Friedrich says:

WOW, your an amazing person with an amazing story, Bec your story doesn't define you, but you define your story by over coming what u come through, to where ur going ๐Ÿ‘€ thanks so much for sharing ๐Ÿ‘

Giovanna's reverie says:

Your book sounds quite interesting, i think the intention Is really valuable and worthy! Thanks for sharing this important information. Everybody has something important to to say and we all have an artist inside ready to be free and to share and help others with their imagination or different experiences. Thanks a lot. You have inspired me so much


Seem like a very smart girl I'm sure your book will do well and help alot of people..thnx for the info

Dance Team says:



I need a book buddy since Iโ€™ve been writing my book a while but I need someone to help me out with my book you have to be open to my ideas and help me and give me advice Iโ€™m a 21 year old male.

Purpose Driveรฑ says:

An editor is still needed even for teachers. I teach Language Arts, and one of the most important steps in writing is peer editing. So it is always advisable to have atleast 1 person who is not familiar with your book to edit it. The person should be competent in the language that your book is written in.

dianna simms says:

How can a visually impaired person self publish a book

David Banks says:

Great advice and tips!!!

BurWill Pierre LLC says:

So inspirational. Will be getting a copy

Shred Doping says:

My language is not suported on kindle…What do i do guys please help๐Ÿ˜”

robert jones says:

Damm you fine….oh sorry thinks for the information keep pushing sister….1 luv

love attraction says:

Hello GIRL! you got me so inspired to come up with another book about 'how to rush negativity into positivrnesss!' it is back to my 18th that one of the guys in the college wanted to suicide and he wanted my permission!! but i changed him!! to happy calm and healthy!!!
i have already typed my first book and i needed to know how to get published.
seeing a person like You encourage No!/ Brings me the belief it:
that like MR. Joel Osteen says: 'God Has The Final Say'!!!

Wa Chang says:

How come when i read the agreement it kept talking about the price list?? And when you publish it do they sent you the book you publish or you have to buy it?

Pholm H says:

Do they correct grammar?

RosaLyNNTV says:

thank you for sharing <3

Diana D says:

You are Beautiful and thank u so much caramel queen ๐Ÿ‘‘ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Denea Soraye says:

hey girl well I'm a beginner and I just started my writing I haven't gotten a chance to finish but as soon as I am I'll take go ahead and get my book publish ….you are beautiful by the way

matin mohammadi says:

I wish I could like videos like 100 times, because your video just made my day. Thank you so much. I will definitely check out your book too.

Deborah Ogbonna says:

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32 Annuity SOLD 2016 and 9 Sold in 2017 says:

Thank You!!!!
Trainer J

girl on Clouds says:

congrats!!!! thank you for this!

Somina says:

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Ryl Win says:

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Oliver Queen says:

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Althena Edwards says:

WOW! great video you have inspired me so much. Thanks I will check out create space website. I wish you the best in all you do.

Richard Moela says:

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