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Introduction to Ebook Publishing (Smashwords tutorial series, #1)

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Learn how to produce, publish, distribute and sell an ebook. This tutorial, narrated by Mark Coker of Smashwords, offers a comprehensive primer on ebook publishing. No technical experience necessary! After a short personal introduction by Mark, he identifies the top 5 trends shaping the future of authorship, and then provides viewers a step-by-step ebook publishing checklist. Learn the key trends in the ebook market, ebook formatting secrets and how to create a cover that grabs readers. Next, Mark explains what Metadata is, and how authors can use it to increase the discoverability of their books. Additional sections of this tutorial explore and explain ISBNs, copyright, piracy, how to list your book at multiple ebook retailers, and how to market your book. A discussion on Viral Catalysts helps you learn how to increase the desirability of your book and how to maximize reader word of mouth. Be sure to check out other Smashwords tutorials! Learn to publish like a pro!


Sally Davis says:

Thank you so much for this excellent explanation of the whole ebooks world! I have learned so much and am telling all my friends to watch it, and get writing!

Anthony Anamgba says:

Good presentation. It is a light to authors.

Abewardana balasoriya says:

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Cindy Brown says:

Any chance of adding captions to this?

Michael Ray says:

Want to read someone great on Smashwords? Check me out Mikey Lee Ray here … https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/MikeyLeeRay

babymineJJ says:

does this platform include ebook on amazon kindle?

Jason Layne says:

I'm about ready to publish with you.  I'm loading the files etc.  I don't notice an offer to preview the book before I actually commit to the publishing.  Any advice?  Thanks.

Lucie B Lindner says:

Excellent video!!Excellent! Mark explains everything to a detail!! Wish I knew about Smashwords before going exclusive with KDP SELECT which did not bring me much visibility to a more diverse pool of readers! Loved Mark's take on Marketing! Have a listen! Just excellent!

Shirley Cunningham says:

This was very helpful. Thank you so much.

Joan Ruffins says:

Great information. Thanks for sharing.

Marc Stutzel says:

Thanx for the insight made simple.

Ademola Adedeji says:

I'm coming on board. Mark, thanks for your initiative!

Shirley says:

Excellent! I am so happy that you made all this info available.

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