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[K Money Mastery] Lars’ Story: From 0 to $10,000 Per Month With Kindle Publishing

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This is an inspirational interview with Lars, a member of K Money Mastery and Kindle publisher. In this video, Lars shares his story of how he went from 0 to $10,000 per month with Kindle publishing in 1 year. Lars also shares a lot of his biggest lessons for being successful with K Money Mastery.

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Joseph Ramirez says:

To all you Kindle entrepreneurs-how long are most of your books in page length?

Andy Best says:

Hi Stefan, I'm wondering if I'm able to make 10,000& as well without getting the full disclosure course

Music Cafe says:

nice vedio.

Christ's Princess says:

Stephan your awesome

Rocky Stone says:

I wanna to know how can I write a book since I am from China and not so good at English but I do wanna to learn from you guys can u guys recommend where can I get started ?

HamzaVids says:

01:30 the power of retargeting 😀

Anders Forslund says:

Love these videos very inspiring! Also interesting to note that it really takes practice to get better! I think a lot of people including myself thinks that it is a linear process. But Lars proves it's not! Congrats to Lars good job!

Fitness Lifestyle- Preneur says:

Hello Stefan

Very inspiring Video, keep the great work!!!

Btw. Do you know a system called iPas2?:) If yes, what do you think about it?

Thanks for your reply

bnjaffiliates says:

Really inspirational, thanks! Love to hear more!

Mitch White says:

i gotta get back into kindle, i was making about 900 a month but now the sales have just dropped so much down to 200 a month

Dave Koziel says:

I love that you are doing these interviews showing how people have successfully changed their lives with your course. Congrats Lars' on achieving your goals! I love how you went through how much money you made each month starting off and talked about how your first 100 book covers were crappy. Thank you for sharing that with all of us!

Raphy Feolino says:

Wow, how powerful Lars. You could've decided to quit and get a job, but you couldn't fathom thinking about working for someone else. Thank you for staying resilient and sharing to us what's possible if you just work hard consistently and never quit. Keep it up.

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