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[K Money Mastery] Sean’s Story: From 0 to $14,000 Per Month With Kindle Publishing

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This is an inspirational interview with Sean, a member of K Money Mastery and Kindle publisher. In this video, Sean shares his story of how he went from 0 to $14,000 per month with Kindle publishing. Sean also shares a lot of his biggest lessons for being successful with K Money Mastery.

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Lucas Ooi says:

Hey Stefan, I've wached all your blogs and videos and I've purchased your KmoneyMastery and your resources and videos and lessons have inspired me heaps, and now ive got 1 book written! I also have 2 more books being written as we speak, hopefully I will achieve success like a lot of other people have from you! i'm very new to Kindle so see how I go. 🙂

Sonya Wilson says:

This is a GREAT video! Thank you both.

Dream Travel says:

Thank you Sean and Stefan, my name doesn't start with an S but a T and I will be rich with kindle publishing, all jokes aside I really believe in the system and will be making around 1320 usd by end of September or ealier I am sure of it, right now I make around 70 usd 🙂 wish me luck Stefan :P, thank you for the inspiration!!

Jon Stevens Alon says:

My goal is to make $2,500 a month. Is that realistic?

Jon Stevens Alon says:

I've published my first 6 books on Kindle/CreateSpace. How do I make with them? My first Royalty check was $2.06 which sucked. It takes me over a month to write a book. I don't know how people can write a quality book in 24 hours. Also, I cannot afford to pay for courses, so it may not be worth for you to respond to me.

Senthil Kumar says:

hi I have post one book 2 years before in kindle but i cant sell one why how can i do that … pls help me

SecretDimension says:

Stefan, how many books do you or your students release per week or per month?

Marqs VLogs says:

What an affordable outsourcing company to persue.

Sahr Sankoh says:

I'm no saint in any sense of the word, but I sincerely hope that many of you are actual writers instead of hustlers bilking an industry. By all means, escape the rat race, but don't implode a structure that under-appreciated writers need desperately to hone a name for themselves. On the other hand, we're had a housing crash, a dot com crash, and, currently, an oil crash. Godspeed.

Elizabeth O says:

Thank you so much for the video. I'm going through K Money Mastery program right now and I'm about to request a ghost writer to start my book. Your curse is so detailed that even a grandma can do it! Thank you again Stefan! You freaking ROCK! 😉 I went to Tony Robin Seminar 4 weeks ago that's when it all started for me 🙂 Hope to become successful in this program and have an interview with you in a year or so while I'm seating under a palm tree in Bali 🙂

Addiline G says:

If I wanted to publish let's say 10 books a week, wouldn't that be overwhelming as far as managing them yourself? How does one manage all of that while trying to make passive income? Do we hire someone? Help!

Antonio Cidade says:

Hi Stephan, i been following for years, i know about the program for 10 months. But Now I'm ready to take this challenge and take things up a notch. I am registering this week for a chance to flip my life around. 🙂 Thanks for this video

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