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kindle 1k system review – Can You Really Make $1K in 60 Days?

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Kindle 1K System – http://soniamharris.com/kindle1ksystem
Kindle 1K System – http://soniamharris.com/kindle1ksystem

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If you’ve been struggling to make money with Kindle then this Kindle 1K System Review is for you.

Survey Results of Self Published Authors

The results of a recent survey will interest you. Did you know that over 60% of self published authors have less than 2 books on Amazon. If you go by the numbers – the odds are stacked HIGHLY against

you making much money. But why? Because you’ve probably NEVER had a proven system to follow.

For years I thought about writing my own book and publishing it. I dreamt of being an author.

The Kindle 1K System Overview:

6 Modules & 25 Step by Step Videos
How to Make Your First $1k Per Month on Kindle
How to Create Best Selling Books on Amazon Kindle
How to Create Irresistible Hooks & Titles That Demand Attention
How To Leverage Amazon KDP Promotions the RIGHT Way
Plus So Much More…

Kindle 1K System Review – What’s Inside The Training?

This module looks at how to achieve a passive income with this course. Wesley touches on mindset and tries to get you clear on the goal for the next 60 days without distraction. He also touches on the publishing models that you need to choose between and also how to setup your account with Amazon KDP. This is an extremely important module in focusing you on what you can achieve.

In this module Wesley starts to analyse the Kindle marketplace and look for opportunities for you to tap into. Once you find a niche market that you want to exploit, you then then need to understand the audience in that market to create content just for them along with a book title that will resonate and make them pay attention to you. This addresses the mistake that many newbie authors make who think they can publish what they like without finding out what the market actually wants.

Now your research phase is out of the way it’s time to start putting the pieces together to craft your book and cover design. With strategies for writing the book yourself and outsourcing guidelines and templates – he’s got you covered. The power of this system is the focus on moving you forward with at least one book per week.

MODULE 4: LISTING WITH AMAZON Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Once you complete your book, the next step is to get it live on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. In this module we talk at length about the process and walk you through ‘step by step’ all of the options you need to complete in order to list your book. We also look at pricing, royalties and discuss the advantages of KDP Select. This is the techy side made easy.

Now you’re cooking! You’ve found a bestselling niche, done your research to find out what the market wants and created your book. Now you need to make sales, and that comes as a result of marketing your book. This module will look at the options available and discusses a simple plan to generate ‘consistent sales’ using Amazon itself. This module is so important because these are the actions you need to take to start earning money. You know that passive income.

Your book is up on Kindle and you’re making sales – great work! … In this module we’ll discuss strategies to maintain those sales and boost them even further. Specifically we’ll discuss the main criteria for sales of Kindle books and how to market your book outside of Kindle using effective strategies that are proven to work. In this module too Wesley provides the “how” to build a list of customers who can become ongoing buyers.

I also dreamt of making a passive income from writing. I did get started on writing but I felt lost.

A year later I was still writing that book but felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was on the verge of giving up.

That changed the following year when I published 11 books. It was such a great feeling to receive my first commission cheque. So what changed? I found a system that I could follow and I implemented it.

The Kindle System Review – What is it?

Wesley Atkins is the creator of the Kindle 1K System. Now who is Wesley Atkins I hear you ask.

Wesley Atkins is a successful Kindle author. He is also the creator of KindleSpy which is a great app for researching niches. Now I don’t ever research a book without first using this extremely useful tool.

In the Kindle 1K System Wesley takes you by the hand shows you step by step to making your first $1k per month online in 60 days.

This is your blue print to making a passive income online with Amazon Kindle.

That’s what you want isn’t it?


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Check out my review of Kindle 1K System Review. I really like Wesley
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everyone is selling this kit but no one is using it….crazy

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