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Kindle Author.. got email in from kindle about my recipe Dummy script

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I was using the dummy script Best Vegetarian Recipes : for Your Buck !
in a youtube video to show people who to create a ebook script in MS word and submit it to kindle to publish a book.
it was never meant to go for review or be published or to be sold !
but kindle sent me threatening email about it.
and I tried to delete it but could’nt cause the delete button never showed up and the book was never published.
I sent them a email telling about what I was doing with that dummy script.
but they sent me another copy and paste email making threats.
so I made a youtube video about it to show proof the dummy script for Best Vegetarian Recipes : for Your Buck !
was replaced with Devils Footprint: The Sleepover chapter 2 of my Devils Footprint the series chapter book.
and I have not finished that one either yet.
so thats not even published !
I started to think kindle reps do not read their clients emails word for word.
cause their two threatening emails I got from them. was the same thing a copy and paste email.


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