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Kindle Creators: Author B.V. Larson Shares His Kindle Story

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We’ve started asking some of our favorite authors to share their Kindle stories. In this first video, we talk with B.V. Larson about the inspiration for his stories and why he decided to published via Kindle Direct Publishing (https://kdp.amazon.com/). To learn more about B.V. Larson or to see a list of his published books, please visit his author page at Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/uomd7m


Ruby Chew says:

You should write for boys because a lot of them don't like to read.

Banix16 says:

Stop doing Captain Kirk. The main male character does not have to sleep with every woman in all your books. Oh my god this is so boring!

Omegaclass says:

You were successful because you followed the publishing house's rules on PC such as "you must show women as superior and men not as smart". i just finished the book Starfire i am sure now that you wrote this book to be politically correct to get it published. hay i understand that, you want to make money. But i really like the non PC science fictions better and traditional heroes.

Regardless Starfire was a good book even if i had to put up with the PC.

Oddly Larson credited a woman for inventing the EM-Drive in Starfire but in 2001 Aerospace engineer Roger Shawyer designed the EmDrive, and has persistently promoted the idea since then through his company, Satellite Propulsion Research. could you at least given credit where credit was due? Science Fiction is best served with truth mixed with imagination for a more solid story.

Xmuslim Atheist Rebel says:

This dude writes awesome book

sun mool says:

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Blocksworth says:

I love this guys work – some of the best modern SciFi I've read. But his kindle work needs to be proof read (I'll do it for him if he gives lets me read for free!)

cavemandancer says:

Just finished Empire what a great series each book I couldn't put it down and when I did I couldn't wait to pick it back up! Swarm was my favorite it gets you hooked from the very beginning I think I am going to start re-reading it tonight lol

Coldane says:

Love star force and emperium.

Clay Robbins says:

hey check out my ebooks volumes and 2 on the kindle through amazon.com called christmas haikus

AcoGZ says:

Star Force series is awesome, cant wait for the next book!

hassleoffa says:

Star Force was great … can't wait till they make it a movie, put brad pit in it and totally ruin it for me like they did for World War Z … forget it, I'll stick to reading.

matt w says:

This guy writes some awesome stuff. He gets better and better. I have every book he has put out on Amazon. They are hard to put down.

xg4bx says:

If you like sci-fi, read his Star Force series. It's incredibly fun and addictive.

The Hermgirl says:

You know what would be really cool? If you asked famous authors like Stephen King or Nora Roberts or David Eggars what they thought of the Kindle, if they use a Kindle, what they think of putting their books out on Kindle, etc.

I'll go look up this guys stuff.

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