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Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Author Stories: Theresa Ragan, James Altucher, and Maria Murnane

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Bestselling authors Theresa Ragan, James Altucher, and Maria Murnane share their independent publishing stories. Learn more about Kindle Direct Publishing at https://kdp.amazon.com.


Rose White says:

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Gemma Cerio says:

Personally I thought the above hit the nail on the head. Traditional publishers have had a strangle-hold on authors since time began, and agents seem to think they are gods who pick and choose clients based on what mood they are in on any particular day. Indi publishing will eventually wipe them out.

WinterGirl says:

So inspiring, thank you!

Steve Phillips says:

Theresa Ragan, has lovely sparkling white teeth

Abraham Moya says:

I feel such an admiration for them.

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