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Kindle Ebook Author Anel Flores: Writing Challenges

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Kindle ebook author Anel Flores talks about the challenges she faced writing “Empanada.”

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Music: “4500 millones de anos de soledad” by Los Amparito


Majinga Zetto says:

The title of your book makes no sense. You either title your book in English or Spanish, not mixing the two and hence destroying both languages. By doing so, you sound very ignorant and you make yourself look like if you were ashamed of your latin american roots or worst you have no identity. Sorry to be so honest. 

Tom Heatherington says:

Challenges. If you're wondering what the craft of writing is, it's proper writing technique, grammar, and style. These writing elements include structure, formatting, clarity, and in fiction writing, plot, character development, point of view, and dialogue. Even knowing the particulars in the genre you write is important.

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