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Kindle Ebook Self-Publishing Expert & Coach Interview Karla Marie

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In this video Desmond Soon Speaks to Karla Marie an Expert and Coach in the Kindle Ebook Self Publishing Niche. Click the Link to get Your Ultimate Youtube Video Upload Checklist: http://leadswithvideo.tubeyourownhorn.com

Karla who has done very well in the Fiction Romance Novels niche helps to answer some of the common questions that most people have about Getting Started with Kindle Ebook Self-Publishing. She even has several “Best Sellers” on her list of achievements.

1. Is Kindle Publishing Ok for Males to get into? Or is it only Females?
2. How to Get Started?
3. What are the First Steps?
4. How Much Does It Cost?
5. Do you put on some Webinar to Train Beginners?
6.What are some of the biggest Challenges for your Students?
7. Do you offer mentorship to busy parents or students?
8. Is there a LIVE person we can get support and help from?

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This Video is: Kindle Ebook Self-Publishing Expert & Coach Interview Karla Marie


Expert Secrets Book Review says:

Great Info. How much money is required to start up writing Kindle? Where do you find Ghost Writers?

DLDaniel says:

Didn't know that the Romance Niche had so many male writers.

AskSindyKing says:

useful information! 🙂

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