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Kindle Publishing 2017 | $20K/Month

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Kindle Publishing 2017 | Romance Fiction

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Adrián Somor says:

How many books have you published and how long are you doin it ? 🙂

Author Memory Bengesa Speaks says:

From my end to yours! Thank you for what you do! I appreciate your videos you are making a big impact in my life on my journey to self publishing!

Super Master says:

Can you profit from making graphic novels in Kindle(I prefer drawing than writing.)

Leavethe27 says:

You don't owe anyone "proof". We're not buying from you, we're enjoying your free thoughts and experience wisdom on YouTube. You are awesome man. I get so much encouragement and good advice from you. You're one of the few who feels incredibly genuine. Not a scammer. I didn't need the transparency to believe you, but I appreciate it none the less. Rock on dude.

Dream Travel says:

I feel you man, I don't want people running to me either, it's tiring

Christian Mikkelsen says:

How long do you recommend making fiction books? Is 15k enough?

Christian Mikkelsen says:

Do fiction books really not sell well on createspace? Because i'm currently in non-fiction (looking to try fiction) and i'm on pace to make over $4k this month but not even $1k of that is from KDP. About $3k is purely from createspace.

Strange how big the difference is

Bakezonline says:

Im a member of Russ's course and he is the real deal. Ive learnt so much and taken away a lot of value. Russ shows you how to build the back end and create a brand for your business. Im going to publish my first book this month with the teaching i have learnt. I watch the videos all day everyday because I'm striving to be great. Russ thanks for all these videos… and one last thing fuck what the haters say.. your the real deal,,,
billy baker!!!!

Dj mobile says:

Bravo Russ! Very inspirational, I am rushing now to finish my first book 🙂

Cometa Soulstar says:

Good stuff, what are taxes like on a $10,000 kindle check, do they take them out? Or do you have to file at the end of the year? Thanks

Witch Hazel's Cauldron says:

Thanks for posting Russ, you're under no obligation so we (the non-haters) really appreciate that you take the time to keep checking in and keeping us motivated.

Annalise Wells says:

Hey buddy great inspiration! how long are you books usually?

Martin Hamilton says:

Love this video and appreciate your honesty and putting the people that just want to bring others down in their place. I really want to take your course. I'm almost there.

Kevin McKernan says:

Great video! You inspired me to spend more time on my publishing endeavors. Keep on being you!

Rusila Raven says:

You know you dont have to explain yourself to nobody your hard work has given you a name your ability to coach has given you a audience you choose what your self says at the end – Great speech by the way !!

Rusila Raven says:

The good honest truth love it !!!

Johnny E says:

can I use KDP and create space without violating Amazon terms??

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