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Kindle Publishing Books 2017: Is Kindle Publishing Worth It?

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Now that it’s 2017, the big question remains…

Is Kindle Publishing worth it?

Can you make money with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?

Well, I have good news for most and bad news for a few.

I’ll share the bad news first and make it easy on you.

The good news…SPOILER ALERT…is I’m going to share with you 4 (technically 5) crazy profitable categories and niches for Amazon Kindle e books in 2017. Kindle Publishing is not just alive, but thriving.

Get yours by watching this episode today!




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Corrina says:

I love your style! You're hilarious and your mannerisms and voice are entertaining 😂 Thanks for this video! All I've seen are other youtubers just gushing over Amazon self publishing so I appreciate the actual facts and honesty!

Cody Hall says:

hey, man! LOVE your channel. what should be my next steps after finishing my novel?? its close

D Robinson says:

Your vids are short, hilarious, and to-the-point. Love it. Hope you continue with the current format. Subscribed.

MARC International says:

You sound like constipated and stupid. Slow down man …after all, people are here to learn something serious and worth the time.

Dregon Deus says:

Self-Publishing with Dale L. Roberts Hey Dale! Great vid, I made sure I subscribed. I didn't know there was a short read category until this video! That's all I write but I didn't think there was an audience for that. Now that I know, would I follow the same strategies as with any other kindle project or do I need to approach it a different way?

david massey says:

…do Kdp do printing paper backs..? I was told I would have to do my own printing to sell on Kdp…is that true ?

JPxKillz says:

Thanks, a more laid back look might work too. Just a thoughts, anyway thanks for such an informative vid!

EXNECTAR Plays says:

funny imformative not too slow to the point well played

Emil says:

Kindle readers are excellent to have. On a great book it is worth it to have both a paper book and also a Kindle version.

Karl Reimers says:

Keep more professional- cut out some of the bad language- you can still be funny but I would like to play to this to a class of 35 students! Think of how many hits you could have had shit face! (Just joking).

Herbert William says:

I just opened the 101 niche that you promote with your pal Bracht, if it's true, then it's a gem. Time to pan the ore to find the gold.

So, since you accept my later suggestion ( and I'm quite the brainstormer kind of people) I think there's another shot you don't aim, maybe a hard to hear one.

In a featuring video with Bracht, you talked about the long run spirit of Amazon, and the importance to be less penny-thirsty and play the long game.

You (and all other people that I see in Kindle publishing videos) talk that to be a good writer is not required to publish, I'm no fool, and catch the spirit, which is not to scare potential new writers and public in general, and mostly importantly not to discourage anyone, an attitude both clever and admirable of your part.

That said, can you tackle the bitter part? That one who divides boys from men? Amateurs from pros? The long, hard work, unglamourous road to success?

What I mean? Simple: I'm no english native speaker (did you percept something strange until now? Really don't know here…) and I'm efforting to make my writing better inch by inch, word by word (more lost than a son a bitch on father's day to speak the truth) why don't you shoot a series on how to hone your quill blade?

Being comfortable with just being "ok meh" level like it's your concurrence motto, if you encourage people to actually thrive you will be the one who raise your head in the lazy submissive crowd, in other words, manly different, and relevant.

Even if some lazy asses don't like and fart some nasty words, in the long run you will only collect gratitude, followers and fans who know your words were right.

Kudos apart, and business speaking now, you could even suggest an affiliate link some Grammar English books (my level is for dummies, so don't forget me please) and some books about writing and sharpening your pencraft.

Thanks again, wish that the Marathon winning "luck" bless us all.

Let's make that tribe endure to be than a half spar round fighters!

Amira fernando says:

here's several tips for making money online
Look for somebody who is already successful and become their student
Invest in a teach yourself product and follow it.
(I learned these and the reasons they work on Mackynzie magic method site )

Gabrielle Angel Lilly says:

Thanks for the smiles, the info, and the inspiration! I appreciate your style and your pace.

Robalo Boat says:

http://BinaryPublisher.com is a platform to write, edit and format your books for Kindle, iBook, Nook, PDF and much more. This is my own website. I hope you find it useful!

Kshitiz Gaur says:

I have a question. Is it a good idea to write a 150 page fiction novel and publish it on my own? Or should I write short story books instead which will be huge in numbers? I prefer the former, but I don't want to waste so much of my time on a novel that may not sell. What do you think? Should I go for quantity or just one good book?

Mr Blogger says:

Thank you for making me laugh and learn at the same time, I will be your long term subscriber for sure.

Cradle of Joy says:

Hi, just Subscribe to ur channel nd hope u will soon visit mine nd subb me back, thanks!

En Japonés Con Rafy says:

Died laughing! Subscribing!

Gord Isman says:

Dale, awesome job. Wow, your production value has soared! Love your vids!

Steve Gamlin says:

The DISM sound effect is tells me: "YES, you did!!" Another great message, Dale!

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