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Kindle Publishing Course – How To Make Up To $10 000 Monthly Selling E-Books

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Are you ready to make some big money by self-publishing a book in Kindle Amazon? This video will guide you in the right path to making your KDP dreams a reality!

You are about to learn the exact secrets that will turn your Kindle Amazon account into a money making machine just in a few months from now.

You are about to discover…

1 – How To Find Profitable Kindle Publishing Keywords

One of the most important steps of the whole process. It all starts by choosing the appropriate keywords before you decide to write your Amazon ebook!
By applying the right strategy you will be able to publish e-books that will always profit!

A lot of new publishers get this part well and for that reason their e-book rarely make any money.

2 – How To Make Your Kindle E-Book Sale?

If you want to drastically increase the sells on your ebook then you must know the 6 most important factors! This includes:

– The only viable strategy to market your ebook in Amazon. (Stop wasting time and money marketing your e-book in ineffective ways)
– Which covers really improve your sellings
– What type of description you should use

And… much more!

3 – How to Get Reviews For Your Kindle Ebook

I will cut through all the BS out there and explain how to seriously get reviews for your new ebook. It is possibly one of the most important step from them all.

You need to get reviews for your e-book. This helps your e-book rank better inside of the Amazon search engine and increase the number of sales it gets.

Otherwise, everything else fails. If you don’t have reviews then it doesn’t matter how good is your book cover and content nobody will be able to find it. In other words, nobody will buy it!

4 – How To Publish Your Ebook In Kindle Amazon

You will also learn how to publish your ebook in Amazon for instance:
– How to choose the right categories for your ebook
– How to rank for multiple keywords and maximize the visility of your ebook
– The exclusive pricing strategy that very few people even know about…

Video Timestamp:

Intro 0:00
Why Should You Do KDP 0:51
How to Find Profitable Keywords 03:22
What Makes Your Ebook Sale 10:11
How To Get Your Ebook Done 22:03
How To Format Your New E-Book For KDP 27:32
How To Get A Cover 35:36
How To Get Reviews 39:57
How To Publish Your Ebook 44:29
Conclusion 01:02:29

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this is good video and helpful

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Bom video Jordan. Mesmo o que precisava de saber. Obrigado

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