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Kindle Publishing: How to Self-publish a #1 Amazon Bestseller in 3 Months w/ Tyler Wagner

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Kindle Publishing: How to Self-publish a #1 Amazon Bestseller in 3 Months w/ Tyler Wagner (#1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Conference Crushing and founder of Best Selling Book System)

To learn what it takes to go from no book idea to publishing an Amazon Bestseller in less than 3 months even if you think you’re an awful writer (and haven’t written your first book yet), I interview Tyler Wagner, the #1 amazon bestselling author of Conference Crushing, and creator of Best Selling Book System.


Erin Blockabitch says:

Oh yeah right. A best seller in 3 months. You're delusional!

Asa Sonee says:

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Lfuraha lovely says:

Thanks for sharing this information, very helpful

monadamus9 says:

You guys are fantastic! This interview has a great flow to it and every word is helpful thank you for sharing!

quantumgirl says:

Can you post any links for this type of conference?

W.M. Aslam - Author says:

Thank you for your excellent advice, Guys. I'm working on some new material and you've given me some inspiration.

Ervin Harmon says:

I enjoyed this very much. In my opinion one thing that hurts Self published authors more than a Traditional author is the fact that Amazon and Barnes and Noble sell used books that the author does not make a royalty on. If they make a kindle amazon doesn't sell used Kindles so the author gets a Royalty on every Kindle that is sold. I would like to see Amazon and Barnes and Noble to add a fee to their used books they sell so the author will get a royalty on the resold book. If people could not buy a used book they would have to buy a new book if they wanted one and so then the author would get a Royalty on every book sold just like they would if they sold a kindle. I hope someone gets behind this and work to end Amazon selling used books that the author does't get a royalty on sales.

melissa marlow says:

Fabulous information! Thank you so much Tyler!

Fred Momtazbaf says:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #126,249 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)  I do not understand the purpose of this video . This rank is not something that you interview the writer.

TGxTeam Help you says:

Thanks Navid.
I think your information is very useful . However , my method maybe is as wonderful as your method.

Livres Kindle says:

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Arize Eleven says:

Great info.

Emmanuel Ray says:

Great information, both of you are very successiful, im thinking about writing a kindle book can I get some information, how I go about that?

La Verdad Profetica says:

Great, powerfull info THANKS

Angela Schans says:

Probably the most powerful and practical hour and 14 minutes of learning I have ever encountered. Thank you!

Juan Pimentel says:

Awesome info, both of you are doing great job! Thanks a lot my friends

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