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Kindle Publishing Marketing – 4 Bullsh*t Ways To Promote Your Kindle E book

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Do you seriously need to market your e-book beyond Amazon to be able to sell and make money? In this video, you’ll discover most of the lies that other publisher have been telling you.

I am talking about Kindle marketing strategies that don’t work and are possibly wasting your time, and even money if you are paying someone to them for you.

I will cover in this video the following non-sense strategies:

1 – Social Media Marketing – Are you promoting your books on Facebook groups and Twitter?
2 – Promotion Websites -Are these websites truly helping you?
3 – Blogs – Are you wasting time creating a blog each time you publish a video?
4 – Fiver Gigs – Do you pay 5 dollars to someone promote your ebook?

If you replied, “Yes” to any of the previous questions then this video is ideal for you! I will cut all the BS in half and go straight to the point. By this I mean, I’ll explain the only real strategy to promote and sell the living crap out of your e-book!

What will get you more book sales. Let’s stop the non-sense here!

If you have any question please leave it in the comment section right below! Thanks for watching and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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Jordan Alexo says:

WARNING: This video guarantees to reduce at least 80% of your wasted time if you are at the moment doing several of the bullsh*t marketing strategies that I mention here. I know what I say here may hurt the feelings from some, especially from the people who claim these strategies are effective.
If you have any question please leave it right below. Thanks for watching and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

John Fish says:

Good info. This is true for selling lots of things online other than e-books. Who goes to facebook to buy things? It’s more likely they are annoyed by the ads

Rick Frost says:

Thanks, nice to hear some common sense.

Neil Ignacio says:

Very Helpful! I can save alot of money and time. I'll try this on my next book!

Samuel Coicou says:

If these are bad ways then what are good ways?

B.I.G Rob Black Superman says:

This is the best video tutorial I ever came across for book writing

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