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My Self Publishing Experience

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I’ve been asked to talk about my experience with self-publishing, so here you go 😀



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Darrin Mcharg says:

Greetings from WA my brother…I am just about to make a move towards publishing the first of my series, I have one question to start with, and thank-you for making yourself available. I made the mistake of uploading an "Ecopy" with LULU that was incomplete, and riddled with errors…lol (nervous laughter) because I uploaded the wrong version 🙁 Now that I am back in the "big chair", thanks to you and others, I have discovered create space. Am I going to have a problem switching because I have registered with LULU? (in terms of the ISBN)

gerard thebookworm says:

Hi Wolfshot. I linked your video to my current one on self-publishing.


gerard thebookworm says:

Thank you for mentioning for suggesting an editor for self-publishing.  I'm an indie bookseller and our shop gets hundreds of submissions for stocking but based upon the lack of proofreading and poor quality of the product, we have to politely decline because the title isn't ready for consideration.  I know self-published books does take money and time to get the editing done but I do advise having that extra proofreading done because it doesn't help with selling or marketing a book that isn't ready.

Awesomepedia says:

00:40 Oh no, they printed your book backwards! :O Just kidding – good video, interesting insight, keep it up!

Kiara Sinara says:

no way he's in Brisbane too, yay!

Alexander Olivarez-Sanchez says:

Releasing corrected editions is super easy as a self-pub, and even easier with eBook releases.

max washington songs says:

Wow, that's awesome! So cool that you've had some success with your book. Thanks for turning me on to Upwork. I'm going to use them. So far, I'm using a temporary cover. My book, The Ancient Ash, is a sci fi/fantasy book. It's mainly for children, so it's hard to market. But the book I'm working on now is a Game of Thrones inspired book with lots of X rated scenes. So, that should be easier to market :)) I'm looking forward to watching your other interesting vids! :))

BookaflixTaylor says:

How exciting that you self published!! I will definitely be checking out your book!
Hells yeah it looks good!
This is such a great, inspiring and informative video, thanks for posting it!

cowsrock1q says:

Not sure what you're filming on but when you told up the book it's backwards/flipped! Nice video 🙂

Ciro Nero says:

Hey there Cam! Ah self publishing. I recently got my proof copy for my debut book and it was the most amazing experience ever, all the hardwork put into writing and formatting had turned into a solid paperback. Currently, I'm waiting for the final edit of manuscript and will do the tweaks to the PDF soon. Hoping to have it publish early next year!

Amy McLean - Author and Film Vlogger says:

I've self-published three of my four books, and I honestly love the process. Great video!

awordmakesmecrumble says:

Thank you for making this video! This is very informative, and congratulations on your ratings! 😀 I'm putting your books on my TBR. I can't wait to read your writing style.~

clarareadsbooks says:

Those covers are phenomenal! And oh my gosh! That's so amazing that it made it to the bestseller list! Seriously, congrats. I can only imagine how excited you are! 🙂 I most definitely want to read this novel of yours

YouFoundMarina says:

I am thinking of self publishing I the future so this video was very helpful! I published a book (not my own. I was a publisher, editor, and designer) with my Uni but it is so different on the other end, without an established business behind you!

thebakedbook says:

So inspiring and informative! Thanks for sharing. You can learn anything on YouTube. You're cover looks great! This video has my pumped to FINISH MY DAMN BOOK! I want to check out your book now. Congrats on everything.

Clever Fox says:

I'm mainly here because of Olivia's shoutout video (iLivieforbooks) and I've gotta say I really enjoy this video! I think it is really important to support fellow booktubers! 🙂 Also, kudos for all your hard work. Your book looks not only riveting but it looks well put together and beautiful! Instant subscriber.

side note: I spot that TARDIS in the background… LOVE!

xDrudkh says:

Thank your making this video. It's great to hear other people's experience about self publishing.

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