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Passive Income with Kindle 2017 | Income Disclosure

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In this Video I show you exactly what is possible to earn in Royalties from my Kindle Publishing as a form of Passive Income.
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These are my March 2017 Results of commissions and earnings.

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This Video: Passive Income with Kindle 2017

Income Disclaimer: My results are not Typical it required work and consistency. Just because I have shown you this does not guarantee that you or anyone can do it. Individual results may vary.


Aegon Conqueror says:

Nice video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you considered – Proutklarton Winner System Plan (just google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for discovering how Stefan makes 6 figures passive income publishing books without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my good mate called Gray at very last got excellent results with it.

WorkHealthWealth Freedom says:

Great vid. Thanks for sharing.

MilkCarten Lmt says:

VA manages your book-shelf? Meaning…she has access to your account?

Mark Anthony Motin says:

great video… i'm totally inspired to launch my 1st book

Renier Brant says:

Amazing tutorial worth watching that's why I really love your channel. Keep posting more videos and keep inspiring others!!!🏆🏆🏆

Micah Buzan says:

This is encouraging to see!

jjadethe3rd says:

Hi karla!! Great video. I just have a simple question…where do you recommend me to get a VA? I know fiverr and upwork have a few, l just dont know which sites to get on. Thanks J

LaRonda Jackson says:

Thanks Karla for Sharing. You are very inspirational.

10 hour Lumpi says:

Thanks for the info, but how many books did you puplished for that income? I mean like one or like 20? Thanks!

Kinlee Hawkins says:

Thank you for the video! How can I find a VA?? Any info. is sooo helpful!!

Kendrick King says:

How often does Amazon payout royalties?

M. Bradley McCauley says:

Very interesting. Glad to see what I can do. Thanks.

Viral Videos says:

Helo i m from Pakistan
First of all vary congratulations for ur income
I m new in kindle and i know how to upload public domain book
And also upload to 2 books
But i did not get any result can u please help me i also want to earn

Jahneil Allison says:

I love ur video. I have been writing for years and is about to try kindle and was wondering if u could give me a crash course in how I can get started please.

Shae Lee says:

How many books have you published when you made the video?

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