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Printing your self published book – Corporate color vs Createspace

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Here’s my review between Createspace and the local printer I went with Corporate Color.

More info on how I did I published and printed by book here: http://getinthelab.me/kickstarter

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Cecile Raynor says:

Did you pay for the publishing with both companies? And also, being in Boston, do you know of any equivalent to Corporate Color? Thanks for doing the video!:)

Shawna Sharee says:

Great video. I start watching this video for the content randomly after searching for createspace info, then said WAIT I KNOW HER. ❤️

Kids Vids SCJ says:

Hello, from your video it sounds like this was a burden of love for you (having a really nice book). If I did the math correctly though, it looks like around $1800 is the least one would have to spend for hardcover copies. Do you believe the same would be true for children's books, which require far fewer pages but might have larger landscape sizes? Did you offer pre-orders of your book first to pay for the orders? I would like a really nice children's book (again burden of love), but I'd like to know realistically is this the best route for that? Thank you.

Jo3l says:

I am in the process of writing my own book and was wondering what type of software did you use to create the book?

Alicia Mendsey Hey, Join Our Community Subscribe! says:

Keep up the good work. I have a book on Amazon that is entitled Youtube Game On. I am working on my second. View my channel where I talk about my books.

Ag Horn says:

Do less rambling and give cost comparisons. And do it in two minutes.

DWriteLambily says:

Awesome photos and cover! I'm thinking of going with Ingram Spark and Create Space for mine because of the whole Amazon and Barnes and Noble connections and what not. I write fiction novels, in which there are no photos, other than the cover. The most important thing to me, is that the words are legible and from what I've seen, Create Space and Ingram Spark do a good job.

Kimchi Socks says:

Great tips Meg!

Derrick Alexander says:

Hi how do you use RGB for print on Microsoft Office word 2007 for children picture book so the picture is better? on creatspace

BoredAtWork2000 says:

$35 for a paperback?!? yikes!

C Dav says:

In the video you said that it cost you $3000. What was the break down of that? Also what was the time line? I thought you did a great job of sharing the information.


do you have a link to Corporate Color website?

Marcos Orozco says:

Dope! $17 each on Createspace? yikes..

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