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Promote Your Book With Amazon Author Central

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In this video, showing you how to promote your website, your business and or your blog on Amazon. Amazon has provided content creators an excellent tool to promote themselves when they choose to be authors.

There is no question that today’s world almost requires that you at least have an e-book ready for readers of the Amazon Kindle. It’s almost as if, in another few years, it will be hard to take consultants, bloggers and maybe even most business owners serious unless they have already published.

The beauty of Amazon Kindle and its sister company Createspace is that they have democratized publishing. There is no longer a requirement that a person necessarily has to have a publisher in order to get their book into the mainstream. There are a number of strategies available to people who truly want to get the word out about their book and make it known to the world.

In particular Amazon is providing a tool and space to authors that personally I think is awesome. (I don’t like overusing the word awesome, but in this case, I’m going to go ahead and use the universal superlative — awesome). They’ve given authors a space to put their biography, upcoming events, video interviews, and photographs. I think that’s pretty important because being able to connect with an author’s story, may move you to want to buy their book.

Admittedly, I have not done mine yet. My first inclination was to be super — professional and straitlaced. However, I don’t think that that’s what Author Central is for. I think what an author could do if they wanted to is really pour out their hearts to the readers letting them know the inspiration behind what they’re writing.

Everyone wants to know that when they’re reading something, they really have in their hand something that someone labored over and spent time and energy thinking about. It’s almost as if, if the author didn’t really labor over the writing, maybe it isn’t worth laboring over finding time to read it.

So what I’m showing people in this video, is how they can find author Central and then get themselves ready for their first publication. Of course it would help if you already have an Amazon book on Kindle already.

In the future I’ll probably come back once I’ve actually done my author Central profile, to give you some insight on what I think are the pertinent issues in actually having one. If you’d like to visit my author page as it is, depending on when you’re watching this video you can visit it here: http://amazon.com/author/charlesharper


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