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Sci-fi author Hugh Howey talks self publishing during visit to LLNL

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Best-selling author Hugh Howey visited the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on Sept. 11 to discuss his writing career and the world of self-publishing. The talk was part of the “Work-Life Author Series” of talks put on for LLNL employees.


Kermit Frog says:

"Enjoy your day job." Words of wisdom.

BossLifeHacks says:

This is a beautiful talk with a lot of great value for any author who is unsure of their publishing route. I learned a lot, and laughed a bit too. Thanks! Btw, I found this through the subreddit on self publishing. Peace

Blitzbiker MTB says:

hey, please turn on closed captioned. thank u

Valarie Bradshaw says:

A lot of his comments in this video were spot for where I am at in my journey.

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