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self editing tips for self publishing authors

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You don’t necessarily need to pay a lot of money for book editing before you publish. In same cases, an editor is worth their weight in gold – but very rarely. For many self publishing projects, paying for editing may not be a good idea. Even if you do pay for an editor, you need to self-edit rigorously to avoid some common writing problems and mistakes that plague most first-time authors. (Don’t pay a lot of money for an editor to tell you things about writing that you could have learned from a 2.99 ebook). Do some research, learn to recognized common signs of weak and unprofessional writing, then self-edit. Do that before you even think of hiring an editor.

What to look for? There’s a free book for indie authors about self-publishing from Book Butchers, you can grab it here:

Free Book


Ryoko233 says:

Very helpful video, thanks for creating this.

Agent Orange Literary Agent Hernández Alcalá says:

Not your best video Derek, 'cause I was expecting 25 tips! But anyway, always a pleasure, please keep it up. I've an idea. NOBODY has read my book, I'm out here on a limb in Mexico, and nobody  understands my Estuary English. I'm gonna have to self-publish, but am penniless (pesoless). But I think I'll send you a copy to comment on. Jonnie (151% PROOF – SUPPING, SHOOTING & SHAGGING THRU PERU).


is 20$ okay?

Clark Chamberlain says:

Thank you this is very good advice.

Norman M says:

From what I can tell, the books I'm working on have not had much coverage in terms of this combination of themes. There doesn't seem to me to be a whole lot of content out there for it. That doesn't mean the world 'needs' what I'm writing, but I think it can tap into a niche market well enough if it's marketed correctly. If there's no beating around the bush in terms of what the book contains, then I think it can catch on provided it can get some word of mouth behind it. There's no attempts at all to be politically correct, though it's not by attempting to be politically INCORRECT. It's a story with quite a bit of chaos though I'm glad that the first novel does start relatively calmly, describing some basics of the situation. With the rampant political correctness going on today clashing against those who don't give a damn about political correctness, this could be an interesting read. It just IS. It's not PC, it's not trying to be NOT PC, it simply… IS. Feminism, LGBT, rape, murder, and eventually I intent to include aspects of cannibalism, incest, and God knows what else. If not actually including acts of cannibalism/murder, then at least addressing it in the books, though I think incest could be included with relative ease.

It's going to be a pretty wild journey, to say the least. Not for the faint of heart or Social Justice Warriors; that's for sure. Hey, I don't know if it's going to happen for sure, but if word gets out on the content and it incurs the anger/wrath of SJWs, then right on! Have them kick and scream, have them talk about it in videos even if they're literally spitting on it or lighting it on fire! It's all publicity, and it'll make the anti-SJWs become VERY interested in what the book contains, possibly even getting other SJWs to get the digital copy online to see what all the fuss is about. It wasn't what I intended to happen when making the novel, but I can see it happening if I can publish it before this SJW/Black Lives Matter/Trump phase dies out. Already got the second novel about 3/4 the way done, but still working on the second draft of the first book. In the end though, even if it doesn't even do well enough to cover the cost of publishing, I'm going to keep writing. I love writing. I'm not doing it for money, but the possibility to make money is of course very appealing all the same. I hear there's loads of smut in 50 Shades of Gray, so if that can sell well, then there's a chance that my novels might sell as well, though likely not THAT well… there's a lot of shit going on.

Not LITERAL shit, it's not a book about scat, not at all, but the fact I have to point that out kind of gives you an idea of how 'dirty' the content is. Nervous about publishing it, but excited. I think it could do well, and even if it doesn't, fuck it, I love writing so imma publish it anyways! I even see the chance for prequel novels… all a matter of seeing how things go, but I HIGHLY doubt this will become a sort of Sharpe's Series that ends up with over 20 books spanning something like 20 years in the stories even if I have 25 years to do it. I mean, I COULD write that many books in that amount of time as long as I don't run out of ideas, but I doubt I could keep things fresh and interesting for that long. Just going to have to wait and see, but the second one is already coming along in fine style and I haven't even been working on these books for a month yet. Gotta get this first one edited though for a second draft, even if it's self-edited… been getting lots of great advice from vids on Youtube regarding self-publishing though, and with each passing one, I get more and more excited about making that transition from a writer to a published author. Still working on my pen name…

loyalsausages says:

Hi Derek, tried to download your book, but it wouldn't take my Facebook link! (I don't do twitter or google plus)…

Juri Haake says:

This is the only helpful video I've seen about the topic. It's a shame you're no longer an editor. I'm 23 and just beginning to edit my first manuscript. Is there an editor or an editing agency you would recommend looking into once I've finished to the best of my abilities? Thank you.

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