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Will you see how I self-publish a book on Amazon Kindle and paperback with CreateSpace? Take the full class at http://skl.sh/2ptZah3. With now 10+ books self-published on Amazon Kindle at http://jerry.tips/ureadme which are also available in print on demand format through CreateSpace, I am honored to quickly show you how to make the final step to getting a book self published today using Kindle Direct Publishing at https://kdp.amazon.com/ along with https://www.createspace.com/. The best part is that once the books are available in these formats, I can then upload audio versions to Audible which are currently making more than twice as much revenue! See how easy it is to get the title done, write the description, pick a few keywords, and finish the book production process. If you need help with the formatting for Kindle, visit https://kdp.amazon.com/help/topic/A17W8UM0MMSQX6. For help with the book cover, visit https://kdp.amazon.com/help/topic/A1DHGMW609HBI8. Hiring a freelancer out of my partners https://jerrybanfield.com/partners/ or on Fiverr can make this process much easier as I explain in the class especially if you prefer to dictate the books like I do. Combining freelancer help with formatting, cover art, and transcriptions with GoTranscript at https://gotranscript.com/r/61527 makes it easy for me to just make a video class today, get the audio transcribed, and then send it to Michel Gerard, one of my partners, for putting the book together. With a Kindle version finished, getting a paperback done with CreateSpace is also simple requiring some additional formatting which the same freelancer can easily handle combined with an extra 5 or 10 minutes as shown in the class to publish on CreateSpace, an Amazon company, which prints paperback books on demand with no inventory required! Having the Kindle version then allows me to put my audio book on Audible which is where I currently earn 2 to 5 times as much income as I get from Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace combined as seen at at http://jerry.tips/jbaudible. Audible is based on Gold and Platinum membership levels which provide a credit to use each month. I love Audible and have been a member since 2011. If you decide to sign up for Audible, would you please buy one of my books first at http://jerry.tips/jbaudible because Audible gives me $50 if one of my books is your first purchase? Thank you for learning about how to self-publish a book on Amazon with me and I hope this is helpful for you!

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Weedmeed Swekker says:

Is it possible for you to share your monthly income and expenses with us?

Austin Gabrielsen says:

just play games man.

iLikeNapkins says:

Please do a video showing us your revenue breakdown for the month

Co2 says:

Jerry please do more gaming, you got so many views and so much money, it was probably more enjoyable because no offense you dont seem to get the concept of making music and you did these videos when you gamed, if you go back to gaming i am diamond and i will get you to silver, please think money and that you enjoy it not only you but thousands of OTHER PEOPLE, please consider what i said.
thank you

Nilesh Jamgade says:

jerry how much you earning via YouTube.. on your video very few views..

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