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Self-publish your book using CreateSpace

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Nadia Giordana discusses the pros, cons, and some of the options authors should consider if they are thinking of using CreateSpace as one of their publishing tools. For formatting instructions, the following link will be helpful for many people: http://www.jenyfermatthews.com/formatting-for-create-space/


JJ Poodles414 says:

Hello! Does anyone know if CreateSpace helps with copyright to protect our writing and artwork in our books we publish through Amazon (be protected from being copied). Please help! Once you put your book out there, how do we protect or hard work from being copied? Thanks! From, Artist /Illustrator/ Writer http://www.jjpoodles.com

Chris Jeffreys says:

Thank Nadia Very helpful to me as a first time Create Space self publisher

Alberta Sequeira says:

I took my 2 books from Infinity and put them into Create Space. You open an account, follow the steps and download the document into their section. Make sure you re-check your mistakes. One good thing with CS is that you can make changes, or add info, at anytime, even if it's a year later.

I teach classes and wrote a handbook for those who don't know. It's titled "How to Write Your Own Book with Create Space." Hoping it helps all. Alberta Sequeira. Key my name into Amazon.

Pamela Stowe says:

Nadia, I had my book published by iUniverse. I plan to remove it from that company and have it with CreateSpace. Where do I begin?

Jyotindra Bhatt says:

Very good presentation !
Q.: How do I get my book-manuscript copyrighted? Get an ISBN ?

George Dare says:

Thank you for this information. I'm wondering, since we are working in a print media, why don't you show the ISBN company's name and the program that you you suggested (cute PDF?) behind you on the screen?

Greg Monks says:

Don't use CreateSpace. It's a scam. What they don't tell you is that
your book will be buried where no one can find it. They tell you
enticing bullshit about listings on Amazon, but those listings are only
for well-known authors. By the time you figure that out, you've been
butt-fucked by the Amazon scam.

sve utripm says:

cute mamma..

Mike Freze says:

Great video, Nadia! You hit it right on. I finally decided a few months back to add my books to CreateSpace instead of just relying on Kindle ebook formats. Now, most of my monthly sales are CreateSpace paperback books thanks to people like you! Check this link out to all my paperback books: https://www.createspace.com/pub/simplesitesearch.search.do?sitesearch_query=michael+freze&sitesearch_type=STORE

Jacqueline Stephens says:

Thank you so much, very helpful video.

Lydia Frenzel says:

We have published many kindle ebooks. Everytime, I open the createspace template to "create a cover", the site crashes. Your youtube is one of the most informative discussion. It's relatively easy to create a single page pdf for the front or the back- not so easy to create a single page for both the cover back and spline.
Just wanted to comment that this is very useful.

MrRyanmcmahon says:

Very helpful, thank you, I may about to publish my second book and may go with createspace again. Here is the promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oISCbLMy3EA

Rachel Roberts says:

Check out my writing channel. New content each week. Once I reach 10,000 subscribers, I'll publish an actual book.

moorest76 says:

I published a book several years ago through a publisher out of the uk that has since closed. I want to rerelease my book using create space. I own the copyright to the book it already has an isbn, do I need a new isbn or do we use the one the book already has?

Koontah says:

Thank you so much for making this video. Reading about publishing confuses me. seeing and hearing gives me a greater, simpler understanding.

Steve Robinson_theSpeaker says:

Really great info…thank you

Ervin Harmon says:

I enjoyed this very much. In my opinion one thing that hurts Self published authors more than a Traditional author is the fact that Amazon and Barnes and Noble sell used books that the author does not make a royalty on. If they make a kindle amazon doesn't sell used Kindles so the author gets a Royalty on every Kindle that is sold. I would like to see Amazon and Barnes and Noble to add a fee to their used books they sell so the author will get a royalty on the resold book. If people could not buy a used book they would have to buy a new book if they wanted on and so then the author would get a Royalty on every book sold just like they would if they sold a kindle. I hope someone gets behind this and work to end Amazon selling used books that the author does't get a royalty on sales.

Jose Alfredo Mendoza says:

Nadia, How can I appropriately align the left and right margins as well as setting page numbering using Microsoft Word?

CarolAnnFL says:

Very helpful.  Thank you.  Am publishing children's illustrated ebooks on KDP and exploring the createspace option.  Great video.

Saddie Easton says:

How do I find a literary agent?

Blogging Business Tips says:

Wow! Between the great video from Nadia and the insightful comments below I've learned a lot about Createspace through this post. Thanks all! #Createspace

Coral Laroc says:

Did you say CreateSpace store page at 12.00?

Drake Iverson says:

What if I "publish" a book through CS, then a "mortar and brick" publisher wants to handle my book. Can I cancel my CS account and sign on with the "M&B" publisher? Will I need/get a new ISBN #?

kaloshilo says:

I just upload my book "Neshenti: A power Source Gods Call the Fury"  The printed version is being process right now. Thanks for all of your help.

Galericulus says:

I self-published a novel last year through Create Space and this year I am working on publishing a book with pictures as well as texts by the same method.  Formatting was my biggest problem.  Nadia mentioned the Amazon-preferred dimensions of 6 inches x 9 inches, which they recommend authors to use.  They also say Create Space will accept documents saved as Word documents.  This is true, they accept them, but they are not the same dimensions as 6 x 9, which meant that within a page or two my text was running over gaps between pages. 

I have learned from this experience, and recommend anyone starting from scratch to do what I now do, which is to choose one of the permitted Create Space page sizes before even typing a word, and saving the whole text to those dimensions.  That way you are guaranteed to be compatible and save yourself having to re-format for publication.  The next point is to make sure all your margins are wide enough.  If they are not, and Create Space make you adjust your text to fit, you have a massive re-formatting problem again.  The other problem was that the Kindle page has different dimensions yet again, so if the formatting is correct for the printed book, it is not for the Kindle version.

Having said all that, if you avoid the pitfalls, the service they provide is very good.  Publication costs you nothing.  It is absolutely free until you have to pay for a proof to be printed, and that doesn't cost much.  They just charge you for the paper and ink they use.  You are not left with a pile of books you can't sell, because people order direct from Amazon and the book is not published until it has been ordered.  So if you get no  interest in your book, there is also no loss making matters worse.  Conversely, if your book is popular, you get monthly royalty payments after the first three months.  I had sales in the UK, the USA and Australia within 3 months, and I would never have had access to those markets by using just a UK-based publisher with no overseas outlets.  What you have to bear in mind is that self-published books are like having a website of your own: you still have to drive people to find them.  So you need to do what a traditional publisher does for authors, which is to advertise and promote your own books.  If you feel like taking all that on, then Amazon Create Space is a very good way to do it, and fairly easy to follow.  

Roman S says:

Thank you. Will consider with Create Space.

Jo Donato says:

This was a brilliant clip to watch, easy to follow and not too long. Well done.

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