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Self Publish your e-book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service — Part 4

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A walk through on how to sign up/sign into amazons KDP service, and publish a book — PART 4: Publishing / Uploading your e-book, Digital Rights Management, Publishing Territories, Choosing your Royalty. Service is located at http://kdp.amazon.com or do a search for KDP Amazon.


Unruly Guides says:

That would be very nice 😉 LOL

William TheUnproPro says:

Thank you so much for this. I’m going to start writing stories! I may have
a question about Legal Rights, however. If I made a book teaching you how
to use software (RPG maker VX Ace), would that be legal?

Tyler Dillon says:

Amazon should send you a check each month for this video series…

Tom Heatherington says:

Thanks! I think many people do not yet know that they can publish on
Kindle, and neither do they realize that publishing on this exciting new
platform is even better because the eBook reaches your customers faster
than it would be when using traditional methods of publishing.

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