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Self-Published Books: The Ugly Truth

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Get my Free “Book Marketing Confidential” report at http://FullTimeAuthor.com/ In this video Bob Baker reveals a shocking truth about self-published books and the book “industry” in general. Sure, there are some exceptions to this truth. But for the most part, once you realize this, it will set you free 🙂

Recorded live at Borders in Creve Coeur, MO.

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Deborah Bromley says:

When you self publish you must act like a professional re proofing, editing
and making the book as good as any professionally published book. I had a
literary agent once. Three times I rewrote my damn book and each time they
told me it was too long, too short, it needed a different title, topic,
organisation blah blah (it was non fiction). I got a deep and unpleasant
understanding of why the publishing industry is in the s**t. Amazon has
blown away all that ego and ‘we know best’ what you want to read nonsense.
So, as long as you are prepared to put the long, long hours in, perfecting
your book and making it better than it would be if it was being published
by so called professionals … your book will be great. One last thing. I’m
convinced publishers destroy the author’s authentic voice in the editing
process. So be your own person and get it out there. Thank you amazon for
unleashing power to the prospective authors of tomorrow.

Allow 95 says:

Yes you are right.

RobotProphetsMoon says:

Amen, brother!

amartinblueplanet says:

I get the point but the question is not just “who cares who published your
book” but are industry published books better and/or more authoritative?
This is a very important question when it comes to non-fiction. With
self-published books you cannot always bank on the quality of content since
the editorial process, fact checking, and structure are left to the writer,
who may be terribly un-skilled.

I think in the future even self-published books will have a clearinghouse
of sorts to attempt to oversee and optimize quality. 

Oliver Urban says:

@Tim Fowler TRUE

thegiantpaperpanda says:

Agreed 100%

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