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Self Publishing 101 | Part 2

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This is part 2 in the mini-series on how to self publish your book.

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Yinesha Taylor says:

If you don't want to use either website, what are other options?

Daniel Vasko says:

Interesting video, thanks for posting.

BossLifeHacks says:

This is some really solid advice, thank you so much for this, it´s very valuable!

Author Marie Greaves says:

Awesome advice! How far in advance can you set up a pre-order on Amazon? I've also heard it's not good to do a pre-order for first (debut) books, what are your thoughts?

JelTaTech says:

Very detailed and informative. Thanks for the invaluable points

Carole Z. says:

Thanks Kristen, I am a subscriber to your channel, so I will probably be notified when you post that video.

JHeart LovesBooks says:

Are you a self published author or do you have your own publishing company ?😊💟

B1ue Sk1es says:

What is the background music? Its really relaxing.

Kelly Moore says:

Kristen Martin- your info is invaluable here. Thanks so much! It's so overwhelming but this has been my dream since I was nine years old. I hope to do book signing and conferences sometime in my life!

MattsBooks &Bites says:

Btw…thanks for the book review links. I never knew such sites existed.

MattsBooks &Bites says:

Have you done a book launch for Alpha Drive or The Order of Omega? If so, I would love to know your thoughts on book launching….like..is it really necessary to have one.

Victorianne Castle says:

Just want to ask,
How much time do you write a day, especially when you were writing Alpha Drive?

AlysNicole says:

What kind of lighting do you use? Helpful tips in regards to self-publishing! Thanks!

◢DoAndroidzDream◤ says:

Yay another vid! I have to say, the background music in these 1 on 1 style vlogs make it harder to focus on your words.

Vanessa Lech says:

good video. 🙂

Weldeab Abraha says:

thank you kirsten! helpful

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