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Self Publishing A Book On Amazon? 5 Mistakes To Avoid!

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Are you self publishing a book on Amazon or have you already published a book on Amazon? In this video, I will be sharing the five most common mistakes newly published authors make and how to avoid them.

Most of these mistakes have little to do with the actual content of the book and more to do with the components of the book like the keywords, categories, title, book description, etc.

Learning these mistakes prior to self publishing a book on Amazon will be essential for those of you who want to have consistent sales and long lasting writing careers.

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Alicia Mendsey Hey, Join Our Community Subscribe! says:

Thank you for the tips. I recently published my book on Amazon. It was a process. I got it done though. The book is called Youtube Game On. It is both a paperback and an ebook on Kindle. It is also on Audible.com.

Rebecca Horvath says:

I want to write a book but struggle with the whole writinf part… I try to answer questions from books on writing…but I end up going back to my journal and just analyzing all of the psychological observations I read from my daily meditating on the mind garden. I wish to share my metaphors and vivid imagination…but im stuck in just taking notes and writing out charts. I do write any time of the day whether it be on a napkin, lunch bag, a journal, or even on receipts. what should I do?

TheOptimistKIP says:

Great video!

Mel Jackson says:

great advice.

Von Hogan says:

So if I understand You correctly, keywords are a "vital" component to great sales? I ask this as I am writing books to publish on Amazon, but am stagnant at present due to computer issues, but I am doing some writing, but as a Freelance writer online in the SEO arena. Is it a good idea to learn SEO for the purposes of promoting Your books on Kindle for better sales?

GodVlogger says:

Great tips! I find that after publishing a book I celebrate the success of "completion" but then don't give it the consistent, persistent attention to keep marketing/selling it. This video has good tips.

Chloe Walker says:

This really helped! thanks, I probably would have made all of these

Avaloner Kitty says:

Thanks for this video. I'm hoping to release my first three books next year (first half). So Ill keep this information in mind.

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