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Self Publishing a Book: Pros and Cons

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I'm pretty good at digital and traditional art, proficient in photoshop and studied marketing and advertising (graphic design and AIT) in high school. I can create my own book covers and advertisements at a professional level and I have created my own website with Wix, just working now on getting all the art and graphic design done for the website.
If I were to self-publish, I'd need only to pay for the editing, ad space and any costs related to publishing or printing. I'm only 18 and im studying too so my budget is pretty tight, and i was wondering if being able to do all the advertising, graphic design, art, and web design would have a big impact on reducing the costs of self publishing?

TL;DR – what's the most expensive part(s) of self-publishing? The edits and ad space or the art and marketing?

DanSparrow says:

It's amazing how straight and honest you are when you talk about writing. It's really important, because that way people knows exactly what you want to say, no need to think or figure out anything. Your advices are really helpful and you really have one cool personality. I hope you get better soon so you can enjoy the release of Savior's Champion to the fullest.

JD McDonnell says:

But Jenna!
I'm pretty sure an advance is not a paycheck so much as a no-interest loan against book royalties, so if you write a book and are given a $3 million dollar advance and it tanks then you need to either return the money or prepare to be sued for it. I remember something about this being the way that many authors lose control of their work. They legally cannot touch it until they pay back what is due which they unfortunately blew on filling out thier beanie baby collection (aka hookers and coke).
Admittedly, it has been a while since I've read up on such things.

Charles' bookshelf says:

I hope you feel better soon. Happy writing.

I Read The Things says:

😭 i feel like a proud mom! Ive been watching you since 1k and you have grown so much!

Jessica Storin says:

I'm so obsessed with your videos! So glad I found your channel!!! Keep up the amazing work! You've got yourself a new fan!

Metal says:

A friend suggested your channel and I am glad he did. I have started to write a book and was also wondering what is the best way of publishing it.
But for a first timer, would it be easier to go through a publisher who can do the entire lot for you like editing, cover art, etc?
Also, since I live in Australia, I have read that if you go through a publisher, you have to send at least 3 chapters to them to see if they approve of it. Is that correct?
Now this may be a silly question but do you have to go through a publisher in your country or can it be any country?

Jeffery Muter says:

So Proud of you and this channel! Ive been around since 125k subs, so happy to see how much you've grown!
Jk, been around since 10k, hope I made you roll your eyes once with one of these nauseating cliches. <3 u

Lucy Cairns says:

Self publishing = self employed and I know the pros and cons of self employed! If only more people got this x but Jennas here to knock any misconception in the face! Xx

Sarah Sparks says:

How do you write when your staring at a document for three hours and have typed maybe three lines. I just sit here and try to find the right words to make my sentences flow and remain relevant but sometimes I just can't think about what to put down. Sometimes I just want to delete everything and start over, but I know that's a bad idea.

WhereWhatHuh says:

It is true that self-published eBooks can have a pretty awesome margin. But on self-published printed books listing at $12 — okay, $11.99 — I have a net profit of $4.50 – $6 / copy. On one children's book listing at $10, my co-author and I will each see $3/copy. So it's not as good as you COULD do with a SP eBook, but it's pretty decent…

Spot on about writing pace.The children's book took 4 weeks to edit, and 7 months of post-production (edits, beta, cover art — oy, vey, the cover art!!!! — And in the end we released a book we were proud of (and are proud of). A crime drama novel… started writing it in January while waiting for a fact-checker to finish with a different manuscript … turns out he was late getting back to me because he died, but the novel was NOT the cause of death, despite any rumors. Finished with post-production about three weeks before Christmas; got my hands on the proof copies a week after Christmas.

So a year to write, edit, beta, cover, proof, and publish is about right…

werelemur1138 says:

I want to go the traditional route for validation.

Anyway, why does it have to be either-or? Why shouldn't it be both-and?

Valeria González says:

I was wondering, could you do a video on how to end stories? I hope you start feeling better 🙂

Shadiversity says:

I love the brutal honesty, I found myself chuckling a few times thinking, so true, so true.

English Nerd says:

Self-publishing: exciting and terrifying…

Roger Worsley says:

Get Well Soon!

Colin Griffin says:

This video was really helpful and sets out the pros and cons.
For me I don't want to get my book published to be famous (I know that's not the point of the video) the money would be nice But I just want to be able to one day say "I did that" and not "I wish I had did that"
All I want is for one day to be sitting on a train plane, bus (well not a bus) in a coffee shop or even a library and see someone reading my book.

Emily LunaticWritingABook says:

Whenever someone brags about rushing their book 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

David Fang says:

gotta love guaranteed shit money

David Fang says:

fuck my life is so funny please keep up the funny comments

Connor D Hanson says:

As it happens I'm planning to self publish my own novel, and I'm searhing for beta readers to read the first part! I'd call it an easy reading epic fantasy.

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