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Self publishing a children’s book through Createspace

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N2TW 2 says:

That's so cute! Well done!

michelle sheridan says:

Hi I just want to say after watching your video you have now inspired me to take the plunge and do what I've always wanted to do but never knew how! Thanks so much.. oh and your book looks amazing. Keep up the good work babe x

Alicia Mendsey Hey, Join Our Community Subscribe! says:

Keep up the good work. I recently published a book. It is on Amazon. It is called Youtube Game On.

OJBAMA says:

So did you have to paint them at that size? Thank you so much for sharing your book with us and your experience.

mohan kumar says:

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Luis Mattinez says:

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Carlos Martinez says:

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Carlos Martinez says:

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Aqua z says:

oh my god this is the worst ,she is mad like shit I read this book and is stupid

Chelsea Radojcic says:

Very cute book, love this! Is it listed on Goodreads?

Gladys Smith says:

how are the illustrations done?

elide aquino says:

I'm attending college at the moment, working to be a teachers for elementary school. I want to create a children's book one day, is there any degree background or something that I need prior to self publishing a book? Thank you ❤️

Elsa Bracero says:

Hi, can you please demonstrate / explain the specifics of how you did your illustrations by yourself. Maybe a separate video from step one. I find on my computer it was almost impossible to hear you and I would like the quality of your pix fo rmy book. Thank you so much. speak

The Fast Fingers says:

Beautiful printing by CreateSpace!

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